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  • Si

    Okay I have most of a Schwin Supersport bike for sale as an ongoing project. Wanted to build up a commuter but never had the time to finish this off, so its for sale how I purchased it…

    In good condition and looks fantasic in my opinion.


    Spec as follows

    Schwin Supersport 7005 aluminium road frame. Size 45cm. Frame in good condition but it has been molested a bit in the past where someone has tried to file the downtube shifter mounts off…Nothing to structually affect the frame though.

    700c Shimano Deore hubs on Mavic rims (Stickers removed). All run true with Schwable Kojak tyres.

    Shimano brakes though not sure what. They dont seem to quite allign with the frame though, not sure why…road bikes arent my preferred subject area…

    TA Specialities cranks with 38t ring and an 18t singlespeed rear.

    Will also throw in any other road spares I have loitering here as it needs to go.

    A little bit of work and this would be a classic comunter im sure.

    Price £120 posted. Email in profile

    All pics here…


    Hello Si,

    I’m a bit unfamiliar with cm sizing, what size person would this suit?
    I’d be intending to put flat bars and comfy saddle on if it makes a difference. I’m after a pub bike for leisurely type rides.


    Im not sure either, but if it helps im 5ft9-10 and it seemed comfortable when I slung a leg over!! Hope that helps

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    45cm is just shy of 18inches. Bear in mind that you’d normally look for a larger frame for a road hike (particularly one with a flat crossbar) than you would for a mountain bike. Hope that helps

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