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  • Schwalbe UST tyre not 'popping' onto flow rim?
  • dantsw13

    What pressure are you going to for seating the bead?


    good run round the sidewall with washing up liquid and water on a sponge so the rim and bead are nice and slippy before pumping up

    The tyre is brick hard when trying to get it to pop, usually done it long before they get that hard

    I used some washing up liquid, it’s not so much the pop as such, it’s the fact its not locking on the bead/rim interface, when the airs released its just loose in the rim ie not air tight nor locked in place

    Any ideas? It inflates to go up and stays up but it’s not popping onto or into place, ie no loud pop at all and when you release the air that’s in there I’m not having to pull the tyre bead from the rim, ie, it’s not locked on the rim?

    now my blue rim tape (use spesh tape) is not in the greatest of shape, it’s a bit loose in places and slightly folded in places too, would this cause the issue? Only reason I’m struggling to see it being that is that I only just put another tubeless tyre on last week and that went on fine and dandy and popped into place?

    any ideas? Also the line around the tyre is parallel around the tyre to suggests it’s seated but its just not clearly

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    Stick a tube in, washing up liquid or Vaseline on the rim. Keep pumping til it goes.

    Then do it again tubeless.

    What sort of psi can you Go to before it explodes? Very strange am wondering if the slightly linked rim tape etc could indeed be the issue?

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    I had a schwalbe TLR tyre that wouldn’t bead onto any of my tubeless rims, ended up returning it- shop reckoned their QC was a bit wobbly.

    Hmmm this one is a proper ust one, can’t say as I’ve ever had this before the Schwalbe tlr one went on straight away no messing….a trip to the shop in order tomoz to scrounge there compressor etc

    I’ve taken the kinked/loose tape off will get some more tomoz

    is it normal not to always get a ust tyre to pop? Why would the tyre inflate fully but not actually lock on the bead/rim?

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    Friction or binding of the bead and rim.
    I have had some tyres that have been total gits to pop on. I have also found that tubes with ust rims sometimes make it worse not better. Friction of tube on tyre prevents popping i reckon.


    Pretty sure this is a known issue w Flow rims ans Schwalbe tires. Have seen claims (not verified myself) Stans now recommend non Schwalbe tires

    b r

    Hmmm this one is a proper ust one,

    But the Flow isn’t a UST specific rim, so maybe there is something different about the bead?


    Had the same issue, tried all sorts, never resolved it. Bought Maxxis never looked back.

    hmmm the flow isnt a proper UST rim no, but with tape firmly in place it acts just like it right?

    it is an odd one, perhaps it just doesnt pop on some versions? the more worrying thing i think is that when deflating im not having to pull the tyre off the rim, that to me suggested its not seat – yet it stays pretty much rock solid??

    i did notice a tiny bit of solution creeping out of the nipple on the spoke, and on further investigation that is where the tape has kinked/loose?

    but id have still thought the tyre would seat and pop on but then just deflate very quickly? or at least not get brick hard as it has?

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    Rim tape being kinked definitely wont help. Stick some new on there – Superstar are doing some 25mm stuff for £6 I think, if it’s a tight bead (which the UST tyre will be) it’ll need the rim tape to be a thin, and as tight as possible for the tyre to pop onto the rim.

    It’ll stay inflated as it’s sealed onto the channel in the rim, i.e. there’s no gaps for air to escape.

    Once you’ve got the tape on, apply a layer of neat washing up liquid, and try again.

    My concern is if the bead is already that tight without it being on the shoulders of the rim, then when it does stretch onto the shoulder, it’s break the bead and blow off the rim. The tyre can only stretch so much before it breaks.

    My educated guess would be that the ETRTO on the UST tyre is low, so the inner diameter of the tyre is small, and the ERD of the rim is high, so the outer diameter of the rim is large.

    Both of these were done to make the tyres a tight and good fit, but for different applications – the Stans rim to make non-tubeless tyres a tight fit. And the Schwalbe tyre for use on UST rims, which are designed to use standard UST tyres.

    Due to tolerances in the build process some will have luck fitting them, so wont.

    That’s all IMHO, but if you Google about you’ll find lots of threads.


    Try using No Tubes yellow tape.


    I have exactly the same UST tyre/rim combo AND i use NoTubes yellow tape…I have to take mine into my LBS to inflate, no method i use will work.

    cheers rickon – appreciate your thoughts

    it was slightly tighter than a Tubeless Ready Hans Dampf to get on yes, but no more so than my rubber queen UST’s on the same rim

    i dont think the tape issue has helped nope, like i said on closer inspection bubble/sealant was coming out of the nipple and when i let the pressure down and inspected, below that nipple was where the tape was loose/kinked, so it wasnt air tight as such

    ill take it the shop today to get them to put some new tape on and compressor it for me

    i did have kinked/loose tape on my other wheel when i put my hans dampf on, but the difference then was that the HD deflated as soon as i stopped pumping, this one does’nt it still stays brick hard and seems like its on properly, but with no audible pop at all and as i said when taking it off its not even seated

    read a few ‘google’ search threads and they did have a problem with some UST on flows a few years back but now stans say they are compatible with all schwalbe tyres again, ust included

    bawls! should have just got the TLR snakeskin version instead, pain in the ass!

    nockmeister – Member
    I have exactly the same UST trye/rim combo AND i use NoTubes yellow tape…I have to take mine into my LBS to inflate, no method i use will work.

    but they got it to work right?????


    oh yeah, everytime. A quick blast on the comp…POP…tyre seated/inflated.


    I started a thread yesterday trying after trying to get schwalbe rapid robs on to crests. Finally done one and managed to get a tube in the other one but what an amlighty pita!

    Fairly liquid the crap out of the rim.

    well just been shop – put new tape on and inflated it with track pump – it didnt do the loup pop/bang at all, but the line all the way round was on perfectly symetrical to say its on

    it then deflated some 10 mins later, so i went back and sloshed tyre more about and pumped even higher circa 40ish psi- could hear the air escaping through the valve, bit more sloshing etc and pumped back up hard to 35ish

    its stayed inflate for about 20 mins now, and the line is still symetrical all the way round, the shop say its seated and again still no loud pop though

    fingers crossed it stays up and works as im out tonight


    I always inflate UST tyres first time to just below what the max on the wall says 50~60psi, and leaving it for a 12 hrs+ so it really locks it on the rim before reducing psi to ‘working’ pressures of 30ish.

    Also if your having trouble getting one to seal, put a tube in first and again inflate it to 50ish psi and leave for a few hrs, then break one bead only, remove tube, put in valve, lubricate bead, put in sealant, feed bead back onto rim and inflate and it will pop back tubeless straight away 😀

    I also bought some ‘bead wax’ years ago, (white stuff that prof fitters use), and that’s ace stuff for getting beads to move and seal.


    If you go on the stans website forum there are many who have problems with certain tyres not fitting rims properly … or too tight to get on, have a look you may find its been talked through on there

    cheers folks – well its still up some 5 hours on, feels a little bit like its gone down a bit psi wise but not flat etc!

    it still worries me it didnt ping on the rim (noise wise), but again even the shop are a bit baffled cos it looks seated all the way around the line near the bead of the tyre (Which suggests its seated) and obviously its still up and holding air

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    Does the UST schwalbe have the same grey bead colour up to the tyre? When its not on properly, you can’t see it.

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    To be honest, you might be as well going for a quick spin on it. I’ve had varied results mounting schwalbes on stans, some ‘pop’ and others don’t. Some stay up, others are sat in a pool of sealant when you go in the garage in the morning. The best thing I’ve found is using plenty of fairy then taking it for a spin up the road.


    it still worries me it didnt ping on the rim (noise wise),

    Sometimes is doesn’t pop if the bead and rim are well lubricated, it just slides into position around the rim.

    thanks guys for the further repsonses – it appears you last 2 posters were indeed correct!

    it stayed solid (probably dropped a psi) all afternoon after being inflated at about 1ish – went out riding about 5 ish

    was massively massively worried it wasnt seated due to the non-popping noise, but my worries were not needed

    completed 19 miles of pure peak classic last night, rocks, few little jumps, rough ground, bridleways, footpaths, steep steps, climbs, rocky climbs, rocky descents, singletrack everything!

    so yep to sum up incase anybody searches for similar, my racing ralph usts didnt really make a sound when beading (i think i did hear maybe one tiny pathetic pop type noise) onto flow rims!

    the line all the way round was parallel and they held air, so as the lbs said and as above best thing do is ride them and it will defo help them seat anyways – but as mentioned above it seems they probably just slipped into place fine, as said before they inflated rock solid first time no hassle, i just didnt get a pop noise which i assumed meant they werent seated, appears that i was wrong!

    so to sum up, very easy to setup and sometimes you dont get any noise seating tyres tubelessly, learn something new everyday!


    TBH, I prefer it when they just slide into position, when they pop at 50+psi it scares the bejusus out of me 😆

    Premier Icon rickon

    I’m so glad someone else said that!

    I’ve had a few blow off the rim on me, one with a compressor – which didn’t stop when I took my finger off the trigger – and resulted in tyre spooge everywhere.

    I cringe everytime I get to 40psi and it’s not popped on the rim. I now soap up the bead very well before starting, and it seems to make a big difference – I need about 25 psi to get a seal on Conti tyres.

    yep – when i was pumping first time around i kept thinking it looks to be on properly, but i best keep pumping as ive not heard the pop yet

    after a few more attempts, and deflating it a few times i did get a very tiny minor kinda pop, but only one and it wasnt the usual loud consective type

    the thing was though when deflating after a few more times when i let all the pressure off you could here the tyre pop ‘off’ the rim a few times, so it seems like it was air tight from day one (the tape had kinked and some stans was seeping out of the nipple area) but once i put new tape in it didnt leak at all/slowly go down

    ive checked it again today and its about the same probably lost about 1psi overnight and including a 19 mile peak rock fest last night, so id pretty much say its seated

    guessing if it was’nt seated it would have come off on the jumps, bermy type turns/ rocks hitting it at speed anyways

    i guess the key really is to check that line is parallel all the way, if its uneven more so its likely to not be seated correctly regardless of pop, and of course if its seated correctly with the line and you dont get a noisy pop or 2 ill now assume its on ok (and holding air of course over time)

    ahh well hopefully it is sorted id guess so given last nights ride and the fact its still fully up today, guys in the lbs seemed to think it was on regardless of noise/pop

    ill be testing it again tomoz so hopefully more of the same as last night

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