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  • Schwalbe Tacky Chan
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    First ride on it today. Fairly sceptical coming from a Magic Mary. But… Omg it was pretty awesome!

    Out and out grip 💪🏻

    Cornering 👍🏻

    Rolling 🚄

    Literally better in every way and that’s coming from a great tyre!


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    Just on the front?

    What you pairing it with?

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    Braking was Bob on

    Paired with a Hans dampf

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    Made the rest feel sketchy, may have to go back to the Betty

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    I’ve just put a Supergravity Betty (soft) on the back. Was surprised to discover it weighs almost exactly the same as a Super Downhill Magic Mary(Ultra Soft) Around 1.3 kg  (27.5 2.4).

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    I’m pleased with mine on the rear. Fast rolling for not being a hard compound, and good traction.

    The profile is very round though. Can’t say I feel anything on the rear, but I’d be hesitant to put it on the front.

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    Don’t think there is much weight difference between any of the Schwalbe SG and DH tyres, which is a bit odd

    I like how a SG Betty soft rides on the rear of my ebike but they really don’t wear well, a few if us have run them and they’ve all been looking battered in short order. No punctures, mind. On Contis now which are supposed to wear much better as well as having all the grip

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    I’d like a Super Gravity Soft 29 for the rear as a faster rolling alternative to a Betty/DHR2 but apparently they don’t make them.

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    I’ve just purchased an Ultra Soft Super Trail, I was mulling over getting another Magic Mary but thought I’d try something new.

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    I’ve been running these for a month or so, (soft rear, super soft front, both trail carcass), mainly to try and find some grip / less tread clogging in the local slop. They roll well, but I did feel initially that I was pinging off stuff (green lanes, usually resembling a stream, loose babies heads type of surfaces). Taking the kids to Haldon tomorrow, so it’ll be interesting to see how they fare on a loose over hard packed surface.

    Last time I was there I had Assegai/DHR2 on, by way of comparison.

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    I’ve run these front and back for about 8 months now and love them. They are very rounded but there’s no shortage of grip and rolling speed is amazing for such a tacky tyre.

    A few days in Spain last month seems to have worn the rear down a lot though so not sure how long they’ll last.

    I’ve got the super trail ultra soft models.

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    I’ve recently given Ultra Soft TC super trail a go. Similar to you, Magic Mary lover (think I’ve had about 6 in different versions).

    Didn’t notice any difference.

    Still great, but I doubt blindfolded I could tell the difference in any area. Probably just me though.

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    Shame they haven’t seen the need to offer a 27.5 in super trail, they would sell plenty.

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