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  • jonk

    I’ve run them on my cross bike and they were great. They work well in mud too and pretty puncture resistant, fast rolling too.

    What he said.


    Basically thee wife wants to get a bit fitter and she wants to do it by riding a bike, one of my bikes.

    The most suitable one (one with least faffing) would be my Fortitude Race, she just wants to ride round fire trails in the local forest and maybe venture out onto the odd bridleway once her confidence increases. As it stands the bike has a big bontrager XR4 on the front and a Mud-X out back, a tad overkill for the riding she’ll be doing.

    Are the Land Cruisers a good choice, are they pretty puncture resistant too? She’ll be heading out on her own or with a mate, neither of which have a scooby about fixing a flat.


    And cheap,even at Halfords

    Premier Icon benji

    I know guys who swear by them for the three peaks cross race.

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Heavy, the 700 x 35s come up really small so go for the 40s. Got 2 for 28 quid in my local Halfords.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    pretty terrible tyres, they’ll do a job, but they are pretty crap tbh, heavy. I had them on a bike for about a year.

    I put them on my 29er for doing the coast to coast. I was running them at 60-65psi and I only had one puncture which was a big chunk of glass which would have punctured any tyre really, other than that they were pretty good. Can’t comment on mud use as I used them mainly for gravel track or road duties.


    i have the 29×1.75 version on my hybrid for commuting.

    Love em.


    Good tyres, get the wider ones. They’re fairly good against punctures, but Hawthorn wil puncture them.


    Absolutely fantastic especially the 47mm around the South Downs terrain in all conditions. Good road and rough compromise. One puncture in heck knows how many rough miles.


    I’ve put one on the front of my wife’s bike 26″ wheeled hybrid which I often use with a kid carrier or trailer bike. I’m amazed what great all round tyres they are. Roll really well on tarmac but decent grip on slippy muddy tracks.

    Think I’m going to get some for my CX bike when the present Conti Cross Speed have died.

    The best thing about them is the great price.

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Best tyres ever. I’ve ridden all over the country on them, on and off road. 2 x Dunwich Dynamo and one ride of 911 miles in 10 days mixing road/tracks/trails. I have never had a puncture. Seriously never. I paid £11 per end. Cannot praise them highly enough and I’ve been through many many other tyres.

    Premier Icon sefton

    Steve – I have exactly the same situation – and I chose landcrusers mainly down to they are ok anywhere and are bullet proof (my wife wouldn’t have a clue how to fix a puncture too)

    suppose they wont be great in mud – but I doubt my wife will be going out in bad weather 😆

    they are really heavy, but I found the grip was fine, the tread pattern is really clever, and I didn’t have a puncture in 2 years of using them

    cheap too


    i use them for commuting after i bought them on recommendation for the 3 peaks (for which they were also great). in about 3 years they have been spot on until the rear gave in with a piece of glass putting a cut into it. 700 x 35mm i think – front one still looks like it has a few years left in it 🙂


    Another vote: Good bomb proof tyres with a surprising amount of grip.

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