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  • chewkw

    The problem is the naive teacher.

    All dogs bite regardless of size if it is irritated. It’s in their nature, it is a dog. Even my cat would chase me … yes it’s a massive tom cat that hated me when I flicked his balls.


    Hindsight is great isn’t it. Everyone trying to do their best and something goes wrong. They then all become villains.

    Should I stop taking kids to Germany and letting them loose unaccompanied in the Mannheim centre? What if they bought drugs, spent an hour in a brothel, got run over, got drunk… ?

    Should Madame stop taking them to England a letting them go shopping in Oxford street? What if one looked the wrong way on a zebra crossing and got run over?

    Should I stop taking the German kids mountain biking (I hire a qualified guide for the day)? What if one fell off?

    I’m sometimes surprised by the risks that teachers take to allow my son to take part in his sporting activities, but grateful they do. They could be accused of all sorts of horrors and if anything went wrong would get the blame.

    You can spend your life risk assessing, wear a bullet proof vest and helmet to go to the shops, and still get hit by lightning or hit a deer that jumps the fence on the motorway. I suppose never leaving your house would eliminate those risks… .

    Oh man. I have a Rottweiler, and while he’s soft and daft and a lovely dog and all the rest I still wouldn’t want to put him in a room full of kids to be mithered constantly. Teacher was daft IMO – sure it was done with the best of intentions, but it hasn’t turned out very well for anyone.

    I’m surprised the school allowed it (that’s if the head teacher knew), I remember the days of having a class hamster in primary school but most schools won’t take the risk of having any animals around the kids, some parents would sue over a hamster nip these days, let alone a dog bite.

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    yes it’s a massive tom cat that hated me when I flicked his balls.

    Really hoping that “f” was intentional. Really hoping.


    Insert pussy joke here…


    “Jamie Stevenson who was savaged by a dog pictured with his Dad Darwin, mum Valerie and Siblings”

    Yeah thanks …… that really was a worthwhile picture 🙄


    Shoddy work by the plastic surgeon there.


    Lol at Ian


    The bloody stoopid people wasted a dog here….is my understanding.


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    Gofaster interested in your view that hunting dogs are innately violent. Whats your authority?

    One of my family used to breed and train a breed of very large hunting dogs. They were no more or less aggressive than any other breed of mid size retriever/mongrel type dogs that I have encountered.

    There are a multitude of things that could cause a dog or cat or hamster to attack. I think more the issue is certain breeds attract particular types of owner who encourage aggressive and boisterous behaviourShame really as it ruins the breeds image with those who like those breeds for all the right reasons and who do behave properly.

    Tragic incident for the boy and the dog.

    when i was a nipper the family pooch (stupidly soft to say the least) was licking my dads face(she licked everything) and her tooth caught inside of dads nose as he was trying to avoid the licking and basically claret everywhere. small colly size

    so is that an attack???

    me thinks dog was being playful and due to a bit of clumsyness etc etc

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    ^ thats the nub of it isnt it and by the time things have been retold a few times its hard to know what happened on the ground and thats for the school and other parties to work out. One person’s nip or scratch is anothers savage attack. I have a big scar on my shin that some people wince at and call an injury. I think of it as pedal rash!

    The problem with dogs is a little action on the dogs part can have quite messy results for the human. Big teeth and soft flesh!

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    Depends on the exact breed. Check any dog temperament guide book though and you will find references to the spectrum of traits different breeds exhibit. Dogs are generally thought of as the most physically diverse species of animal on the planet!

    NB I not mean gun dogs.

    gtg – laying on my back in a tent

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