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  • School Bullying – at what point do you intervene?
  • oldmanmtb

    Simple (but you aint going to like it)

    Get daughter to punch bully on nose as hard as possible, break nose and tell her to **** off and if she is shitty again more will follow.

    Had four kids and back in the day tried the nice “talk to teachers approach” sorry upper middle class folks it does not not work.

    Direct physical intimidation to both bully and parents works a treat.

    Nothing and i mean nothing works better than getting in someones face.

    All my kids (from 20 to 28) understand that most people are full of shit and gob shites.


    Just as an observation a few years back a scrote on facebook was mouthing off how he and his old man were going to “sort”me and one of my lads out..

    Sooo I knocked on his door and asked if they would like to discuss it? Lo and behold aplogies and withdrawl of comments.

    Thing is typing is easy…

    Standing up to a horrible 50 year old bloke is not..

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    Whilst I’m not doubting that there may be a problem with another child in the year I’d not discount the switch from primary to secondary school being the route of the cause too, especially for a bright kid used to being at the top of the tree. Big fish in small pond to small fish in an ocean can be a massive adjustment and you are only 6 weeks in. A student used to being top in a primary can have their whole persona bubble burst when they encounter a bunch of other kids just as bright (or brighter) in the secondary classroom let alone being the ‘nobody’ yr 7 in the playground and diner queue.

    Your daughter might even identify this other child as the issue because its easier to be that than admit its a loss of top of the school prestige.

    Tread carefully. Not saying don’t discuss with the school but it can be really complex.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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