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  • Scarborough for the weekend- take a bike?
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    I’m off to Scarborough on Friday to see that Biffy Clyro (eee, I remember when a festival warmup for them meant a night at the Ice House in Perth, now it’s an 8000 capacity open air show). Never been to Scarborough before, I figure on spending a day just wandering around the town, but I’ve never been to Dalby and thought that might be worth a visit on the other day…

    If there’s anywhere else better on the bike, or if there’s other must-see touristy things nearby, then I’d love to hear it. I’m just pretty drawn to Dalby for the wc connection and because it’s basically a “name” that I’ve never been to.

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    There is reputedly some excellent riding further up in the NY Moors, although I’m not sure which bits are most accessible to Scarborough. If you’re coming down from the north, then perhaps you could head there on the way there or way back.

    Dalby I found pretty unrewarding, but in retrospect I imagine it gets better if you put some effort in rather than pootle round like I did.

    If you like a long XC trail centre route then it’s definitely worth a visit. Not much in the way of tech though (on the way marked trails, at least).

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    There’s plenty of great stuff on the moors towards Whitby but Dalby is the obvious choice If you have not been before.

    Tourist wise The beach at Scarborough is nice, the castle worth a visit and a fancy new pool opened a few years back although I’ve never been. Trip out on a boat?

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    Beat my times. Handicap = 2 toddlers and a 70 year old.

    Check out my activity on Strava:


    If BMX is your thing there’s a nice skate park at Scarborough which my lad rated.
    I also had biffy tickets in the basket, been a fan for many many years and seen them all over but the FD put the brakes on it 🙄

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    Cheers folks, Dalby it is I think.

    @wrightyson, it was kind of a last minute thing, I was down in London for Camden Rocks and had a great time but never really stopped moving for the whole weekend, so I just thought, this holiday has left me needing a break 🙂 Been a couple of years since I saw them now, of all the bands I ever saw playing tiny wee venues I think they’re about the least likely to have gone massive.

    All depends on what you fancy.
    If you want a long non technical ride then take the old railway line to Whitby and back. Cracking views at ravenscar, easy to follow, turn back when you want, nice pub at the hayburn wyke. Bit busy in places with dogs and stuff.
    For local tech gnarly stuff then try raincliffe woods. It’s just outside of town. Free parking, loads of trails, all natural stuff with a few berms and jumps thrown in. If you are happy to spend a few hours just fooling around going up and down then it’s a good laugh. Some good dh stuff if you can find it. No waymarked trails, just tracks everywhere from top to bottom. Some bits are on YouTube if interested. 👍

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    Agree with the above generally. Railway line is great for a scenic tour and no driving. Dalby can be a bit underwhelming compared to other trail centres IMO, but is fine as just a ride. It just doesn’t seem to make much of the gradient and geology available. E.g. I was at gisburn for the first time recently, similarly does not have a lot of height available but is way more fun.
    Anyway, if you go to dalby just enjoy a nice xc ride through a forest on its own benefits.

    For moorland stuff, the area around Danby/castleton/glaisdale is probably my fave.


    Take your hardtail and ride to Dalby from Scarborough, it’s a great ride through the toll road. I cycled through last week and I’m sure the sign said its now £9 to drive in, £5 after 4pm. You don’t need a full suss for Dalby.

    When I do Dalby I set off from pickering and join the pedal north c2c route around wrelton and ride upto hole of horecum following bridleways and natural Singletrack. From there cycle through Dalby to the end and drop down into pickering. Roughly 30 miles.

    When I think of Dalby I think flat, xc with far more switch backs and climbing than the reward for going downhill. A few friends have done the local cheeky trails and said they were very good but you need a guide for those.

    You could always take the gravel bike or hardtail and cycle along the cinder path via robinhoodbay and to Whitby. Grab a coffee and come back. I think it’s 20 miles each way with stunning views. If you’ve never been to this coast before this is what I’d do.

    My strava shows the route through Dalby and also along the cinder path but only to hawsker.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Cheers folks, drove to Dalby in the end on the way home, had a good day out- though the signs and waymarking seem to be a weird practical joke on anyone that’s parked at Low Dalby and ridden to Dixon’s Hollow? I did the top red, went back to dixon’s to do the black (woudln’t do that roll into the gulley on an XC bike with seat up! Nasty. But not as nasty as the climbs) and then… Trapped. Every trail and sign seems to lead back round the top red

    But I made it out of the black hole in the end, had a random meeting with singletraction volunteer trailbuilders too so did some cross-borders trailfairy diplomacy too.

    That’s cos the red goes up around the top then heads back down towards Low Dalby from east of Dixons, it doesn’t actually pass through it again. Glad you figured it out and had fun though!

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