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    Declined putting it in plaster

    I’d be very wary about doing anything to inhibit healing, scaphoid’s have a reputation for not healing well at the best of times.

    Keep the bikes and see how you feel in 6 months time? Was the crash as a result of pushing too hard/beyond your abilities or a JRA type thing?

    the teaboy

    Balls. Unlucky.

    Did mine in early Feb and was back on the bike in early June. A bit stiff and achy now but generally fine.

    Turbo and clip-on tri bars was my solution to the exercise problem. I intended to do loads of core work but lost all motivation and got lazy. Regret it now.

    Second what was said up there ^ about looking after it. Doctor’s orders should be gospel!

    Same as the others

    Go back and get a cast fitted, the light weight resin ones are okay. You need to get it in right position to heal

    What sort of work do you do?

    Did mine 5wks ago, had a screw fitted last week. Already feels much better. Have they given surgery as an option?


    Stupid accident. Combination of OH falling asleep and being half an hour late picking us up (the dog was with me), she then parked down the road instead of next to us and the dog pulled me sideways over a stupidly designed curb while I was clipped in and down I went 🙁

    Had a fantastic ride too and was already thinking about selling my 456 as I just seem far happier on my scandal 29er.

    Cast was optional until more xrays in 2 weeks. Can’t use the glove box with a cast on.


    10 day visit to the fracture clinic and doc is pretty certain it’s fractured 🙁

    Going back in 14 days for more xrays. Declined putting it in plaster as I’d only end up cutting it off so got a smaller splint as the swellings gone down.

    That’s the summer stuffed then and wondering about getting shot of my bikes now as this puts me in a difficult position for work too (self employed).

    Need some non-wrist involved exercise suggestions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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