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  • Scammer on Facebook.
  • lets face it – we all know (id love to be told different but don’t think for 1 minute I will) that paypal will not refund money willy nilly, in such a short period of time, and with no contact to you who seemingly were paid the money.

    so it kinda rules out that scenario almost instantly

    the 3rd so called proper buyer, hasn’t come kicking off at you, other then ‘wheres my bike’ if it were me/you/any one on here, there would be rage, accusations flown and generally not letting it lie

    once he realised you weren’t a pushover/easy target he’s been left no choice but to move on, and hence why its for sale again elsewhere

    a very slick scam indeed

    however if it turns out paypal have refunded the guy I take it all back, but I think we all know deep down that’s not the case


    If they are the same person has a crime been committed?

    He sent the OP some money and the OP sent him a bike. Is ‘attempted fraud’ an offense? Must be some sort of ‘conspiracy to commit…’? Would plod be interested? Needs caught before he does it to someone else.

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    a very slick scam indeed

    Is it? To buy a bike on the off chance he might be able to get the money back as well? Otherwise just be left with the hassle of a bike to sell on! Doesn’t sound like the cleverest scam. Especially as, if anyone did refund the money, they’d have an address which they’d give to the police in an attempt to recover the bike.

    Weird one. I did google in case this was a common occurrence like most scams but couldn’t find anything!

    Can’t imagine they’d be interested as the ‘buyer’ never actually asked me to cough up. I did chuck in PP gift being an issue early doors though. All very strange and unfortunately they/he will con money out of people in the future.

    The slick bit of the scam was how all the parts fitted together without raising suspicion. If you’d seen the various conversations via messenger that went back and forth you’d see what I mean. As for having someone’s address, I imagine the ‘buyer’ would just vanish after getting the money and the scammer would play dumb.

    Premier Icon russyh

    Think the bike is now listed on MTB bay on Facebook.  By a young lady from Southport/Liverpool

    Yep, was made aware of that listing today and it’s the same bike. At least they managed to take their own pictures this time.

    Even though I’m not out of pocket it makes me sad to see a bike I really liked being punted about like this. Almost want to buy it back!

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    Buy it back (it’ll go for half what you sold it for), then resell it thru decent channels again. Make a profit from the scammer(s).

    Not so sure it was slick scam. Sounds more like they screwed up to me. Assuming there’s not a late theft of the money by Paypal some time soon.

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    Yep, was made aware of that listing today and it’s the same bike. At least they managed to take their own pictures this time.

    Ebay used to have a “report this item” for things that were listed elsewhere… it’s against their policies. Worth a look if they still have it on ebay as well.


    Of course it is possible that these criminal masterminds are not actual bona fide geniuses and have somehow come up with a get rich quick scheme in which they don’t make anything at all.


    I think this guy might have contacted me the other night, he asked about a bike I was selling then eventually asked if I would deliver to Southport. I said nope and deleted the conversation as a timewaster but didn’t put two and two together until now.


    Sorry to hijack, I’ve got some bits to sell, should I only send it to the registered paypal address or ebay address?  What if they differ?

    Providing you are selling to the person and not his mate I imagine you will be ok as long as you keep proof and make sure the parcel is signed for.

    Don’t think they/he are geniuses but they seem to have various scams on the go that are probably lucrative enough to take a deal like mine on the chin. Splitting the bike would still probably make them money.

    Yes Rob, that’s my old bike pictured at my house by me. Unfortunately I have nothing to do with the listing that’s using my pictures and eBay don’t seem to give a stuff.


     Unfortunately I have nothing to do with the listing that’s using my pictures and eBay don’t seem to give a stuff.

    On that, I’m not remotely surprised and, to be honest, in itself I don’t particularly see a problem, since the photos are of the item in question.

    I’ve done the same myself a couple of times when I’ve bought stuff that’s not fitted and rather than take new photos I’ve just re-advertised them using the photos from the original listing, why is that something you’d expect eBay to have an issue with? I’ve seen others even link back to old listings when they can’t be bothered to do their own.

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