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    Hi guys,

    Im thinking of going full suss for racing! I currently own a 2012 Cube GTC SL 29r which has been a great bike but i feel i would be faster on a full suss really! Im bouncing around all over the place atm on my hardtail and im loosing pedal efficiency because of it… hence im going slower!
    With full suss, at least the back wheel should be more planted.

    Ive been looking on ‘Pauls Cycles’ and have narrowed my choice to 2 bikes really! But ones a 29r and ones a 26r.


    My dilemma is that the Scalpel will be much lighter i would imagine than the Anthem which makes me think i will be a lot quicker? But its a 26r which make me think im gona loose speed too… so will these cancel each other out?

    Another thing is that the Scalpel is far better equipped.

    Advice please! This will be for xc racing and training on too!


    Why is the scalpel much lighter?

    I would prefer the anthem, I reckon it must pedal more efficiently than a single pivot design.

    A suspension seafront on your ht will deal with your loss of pedaling efficiency, I had one for years on my ht for just that reason.


    I have an Anthem, it’s a evry capable bike beyond just racing whereas I think the Scalpel is a thoroughbred race tool.

    Looking at those specs the Scalpel will be considerably lighter and looks better value. If you want it for racing I’d go for that.


    Anthem X 29er 1 are all sold out for this year I believe.
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    My anthem is a fantastic all-round bike. I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed with one.


    Can I throw another bike into the mix… I dont have first hand experience of it but it looks damn fast.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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