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  • SB66 owners, what's the craic?
  • I am currently the proud owner and sometime rider of an 07 Yeti 575 which I love more than is right, however she’s getting on a bit and needs to be replaced…

    I have managed to cajole the wife into agreeing to a new frame ( because of course all the old bits will fit on the new frame, or at the very least will be the same colour..) so I set off to the lakes a couple of weeks ago to test out the SB66 and the SB95.

    The SB95 was not for me, it felt cramped and yet still managed to get in the way, however the SB66 was unbelievable. It was quicker up the hills, although to be fair I rode it first, and down the hills scared the bejesus out of me – it wouldn’t stay on the ground, it popped up over every wee kicker and took corners like a sticky wee barsteward. I left Whinlatter grinning like a bumbling fool.

    However. Since then I have read a lot of forums/reviews that are not so complementary – bearings failing quickly, frames snapping etc. I will only be able to afford a used frame so warranty is not valid.

    What are your actual experiences?


    Got the carbon version. Love it primarily cos it fits me really well.
    Long bike with a short stem works perfect for all day in the saddle. Short bike with short stem is just a pain in the neck literally. Run it with 36’s so it pretty slack works great though. Talas gives me the option to drop em when it gets steep.

    Not had a single problem. Read about the first batch having bad bearings but that’s been sorted and they were all replaced under warranty.

    One thing i would say is the alloy version is heavy. I weighed a large at nearly 9 pounds so I plumped for the carbon. If that doesn’t bother I would highly recommend it.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Had my SB66c for 9 months now without a single problem, gets used for all dayers and even the odd DH park without any problems.
    Have heard of bearing issues but that was sorted with the early production batch, have not heard of any frame issues but maybe I don’t frequent the right forums to hear about that.
    Not ridden the alloy version but as above I understand its noticeably heavier so if you do get a chance go with the carbon.
    When I went for the SB66c I opted for 34 Floats instead of the usual Talas setup from my previous bikes as the SB66 is such a great climber I didn’t think I would need the help, and so far (bar having to relearn some short steep technical climbs) its not caused me any issues.
    Just upgraded my rear shock to a Float X CTD and fitted an XX1 drivetrain, still rides as good as new but be warned, I find you really have to hammer it to get the best out of the suspension design, something I am still getting used too!

    I say go for it, I have yet to meet an un-happy SB66 owner.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Here’s how mines rolling now. The new Pike is an awesome fork for the 66.
    Only issue was 2 cracked swingarms, hopefully have the new & improved version now. It’s no lightweight at 14kg, but I love it.

    Thanks guys, I was hoping I’d get this response…

    I’m going to ride the 575 to death this year and early 2014 pick up the SB66 I think – I assume by then they’ll be a bargain with everyone wanting 650b or 29ers…

    I appreciate the feedback, although to be fair the carbon is probably a step to far for the marriage!


    I’d be very wary of buying one secondhand! Hear of one shop who sells them having more back than they have sold!


    kiwi – that looks bang-on with the Pike on. 8)

    I’d not go 2nd hand with one personally…mate of mine broke 3 frames before they gave him a upgrade FOC to a carbon one!

    Good ending i guss but one frame cracked in the main frame as well as the swingarm. He’s a rapid rider but not heavy on a bike either.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Rides bang on now too.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Thanks guys, I was hoping I’d get this response…

    Funny how people can take different messages from reading the same material.

    I read the replies and thought “no way”.



    Haha chakaping! I know what you mean. What I take away from the feedback is that the problems from an earlier batch are now sorted and that Yeti are doing a good job of replacing the broken ones. Of course, better if there were no problems on the first place, but if that’s the bike you want….

    Premier Icon chakaping

    And secondhand would be particularly risky if you can’t take advantage of the renowned customer service.

    How about a Nicolai if you want a heavy, expensive secondhand alu frame? They have transferrable warranties.

    Or just wait for the sales and see what new frames drop to the price of a secondhand Yeti.

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    I like mine so much, my next bike is very likely to be another sb66

    I live and ride in the alps, lifts or not, mines probably had a tougher life than most, but no play or bearing issues. Might be an idea to get in touch with yeti to see if there was a specific batch that was dodgy… They probably won’t say though!

    And I bet there’s not a single high end bike that hasn’t had someone break it at some point.

    Run mine with a marz 44 rc3 ti fork.

    I say go for it, I have yet to meet an un-happy SB66 owner

    Not had a single problem

    I love it

    I like mine so much, my next bike is very likely to be another sb66


    Thats what I read!

    Although to be fair I will probably save a little more and go new – they can be found online for £1600 for the frame at the minute. I assume that once more folk are dragged into the 650b/29er world they will want to shift some 26er’s and they may drop further.

    Weightwise, its a lot lighter than the bike I’m on at the mo..

    Either way, I loved it and am looking forward to getting it (albeit next year sometime unless the lottery fairy pays a visit).

    Thanks for all your replies (even yours chapaking!)

    Premier Icon DezB

    07 Yeti 575 which I love more than is right, however she’s getting on a bit and needs to be replaced

    WHY? 🙂
    Keeping my ’06 til it busts!


    they can be found online for £1600 for the frame at the minute

    Where’s that? I’m about to pull the trigger on an SB66 and the cheapest I can find is £1800….


    I love mine, i use it as a dh/freeride bike i can ride around.

    Got transformed recently with the addition of a vivid air. With the fox, could never get the right balance of active wheel tracking, mid stroke support and bottom out resistance. The vivid air had made things more active and more supportive with more bottom out resistance, it’s working like magic really compared to what it was.

    Issues –

    .One cracked swingarm
    .Came with the poor batch of bearings in the switch link
    .Im convinced there is an issue with shock eyelet alignment
    .Eats through shock hardware
    .Bearings replaced after about 7 months, though it was through winter, i’m pedantic, it was creaking

    But im pretty much ready to buy a carbon one. It rides that well.

    I wouldnt use it as a xc/trail bike, it’s such a waste of how capable it us, even though it does pedal like a champ.

    I also wish there was a size between the small and medium. I ride the small (leggy 5ft10), it fits well, rode a medium, too big, but can’t help feeling 10mm on my small would make things perfect.

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