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  • deanfbm

    What are peoples thoughts on this subject?

    Currently have a Alu SB66, love it to bits, such a fun bike.

    Que dilemma, I need (actual need, not just want) a bike can ride hard in whistler/uk uplifts, I do not want a DH bike, it will not get used.

    My alu SB66 is a small, im happy with the fit etc, with 160mm forks it has a 45″ wheel base, 65.9* HA, it works really well for 95% of my riding.

    There are however two concerns in my mind –

    1. Strength, having already cracked a couple of chainstays, it’s ok happening when im at home or near home, but don’t want a holiday/weekend ruined by a failure.
    2. Stability. I’ve only just got out of my comfort zone when it comes to flat out speed a couple of times, namely at Woburn hitting the big senders and a couple of high speed big drops into rough landings.

    Both concerns can be addressed by either going for a Carbon SB66 in medium or going for a Banshee Rune, both sort out my current concerns, either will be run with 170-180mm forks in whistler too.

    The Carbon sb66 will be more usable for me back in this country, ie light and better climbing, however the Rune will be significantly cheaper and I wont have any concerns over hammering it, though it will be heavier, though only a touch heavier than what im already on.

    I know what im getting with the SB, ive no worries over that, the carbon SB66 will cover exactly what I want.

    I reckon the Rune will do what I want for cheaper, just have a nagging feeling that it will be too much of a lump for a UK Mini DH bike that I don’t begrudge going for a 3 hour ride on. How’d they pedal?

    Both frames will have dedicated forks/wheels for gnar and trail.

    Good review of the Rune on Pinkbike, it supposedly pedals quite well, and there’s very little weight wise between it and the SB Aluminium.

    TBH, if you want a durable bike with no worries about frames or chainstays snapping, then a Yeti wouldn’t be my choice. The 575 has chainstay snapping problems, the ASR-5 had them, the SB66 has had them, and the SB66c has issues too.

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    How tall are you?


    What wives tales are there regarding carbon sb66s and breaking?

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