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  • Premier Icon mrhoppy

    Assuming I’m rid of the plague I’ll be doing the 60 km route on my X, anyone else about? I’m not fussed by the racing scene but this sounds interesting.

    Any info on the conditions around Salisbury at the moment.


    Did the 60km option, a cracking ride by all accounts. Muddy as hell in places but all just about rideable (if you don’t mind puddles up to your axles!). When do we expect results?? Think I was right around 4 hours in the end.


    Rode it last year.

    Unless they’ve made significant changes to the course you’d be better off riding it on a 29er MTB. The route didn’t match the advertised profile much – there was a LOT more off road than the advertised mix of road/trail/singletrack..


    i did the 60 today, it was fantastic, plenty off muddy climbs at the start, easier boring roads at the end, i thought it was a well put together route and i did it on a geared pompino.

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    So did anyone clean the 1st climb? I didn’t manage to clear my cold/chest infection so decided to drop onto the short route but only after doing that 1st climb which nearly killed me, and I didn’t need to do for the short route. Annoyingly if I’d stuck with the mid route I’d probably have squeaked under the bronze time given how the 2nd half went but that 1st climb and the section through the ploughed field meant I finished just outside it for the short.

    I thought it was generally quite a good route even if I was dying most of the way round, well signposted and a good mix of terrain.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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