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  • Surfr

    Wow. Phone call lasted less than 20 seconds and theres a PAC in the post 😀


    Candodavid – Member

    will this work on business contracts??

    I have just had a text on my business contract mobile, mentioning a change in call costs for roaming calla in zones 3-7, not sure if this is the same price change as other people are getting here?

    I guess you might have to wade through the T&C to see if you have the option to cancel?

    Premier Icon rhid

    So if I cancel my orange contract, then say go to a high street phone shop I can re-sign up with Orange on a new number and similar tariff and pick up a free laptop (as I need a new one)?

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    Yep. You can even keep your old number if you transfer it to a PAYG phone first (get a free SIM from T-Mobile or something), then transfer it back.

    Premier Icon cp

    the tariffs with free laptops don't seem that great of a deal IME – better off getting a seperate deal. Having said that, what have you found?


    Re: Pac codes

    The robbing bar stewards wouldn't give me one (ooh err….) without charging me another months line rental. They wouldn't tell me why this was the case, and no amount of complaining, or speaking to a supervisor was getting them to change their mind. Overall they were argumentative and a real pain to deal with in the end to get canceled, but I am now experiencing happy joy feelings with T-mobile who have so far been wonderful compared to the evils of Orange. I guess it's the luck of the draw as to who you get to speak to, and how cooperative they feel.

    A change in my number is a small price to pay for better service and happy feelings. I'm going to miss the reminders for Mr Plangs dental appointments 🙂


    PAC received after phoning Orange to find where my letter was (7 days later). They sent it to me in a text instead and I'm awaiting delivery of my iPhone from O2 tomorrow 😀

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    They've changed their minds about the price increases btw

    Couldn't get a PAC code of them when i rang so i just cancelled mine anyway. It disconnected that evening. I bought a new phone, arrived next day, texted everyone the new number. sorted.

    i canceled mine and now cant get credit for a new one! bloody credit checks got plenty of dosh, but as being in the Forces i move alot and i just moved into a new place 2 months ago, so now im phoneless ffs

Viewing 10 posts - 46 through 55 (of 55 total)

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