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    …what have the Saudis ever done for us?

    Well, there’s the oil…

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    Cougar’s ventures into fantasy.



    …what have the Saudis ever done for us?

    Along with the M.O.D they keep the british arms industry in business.

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    they keep the british arms industry afloat.

    We sell the Saudi’s $4bn in arms pa, the French sell $12bn … I don’t have the US figures to hand but we can guess

    I am sure if the West stopped selling arms to the Saudis the Russians would be jumping for joy. Just imagine the pages of speculation @jhj could come up with in a world where Putin and Russian foreign policy dominated the Middle East

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    Totally agree with Cougar.
    JHJ – it’s easily done, just start your sentences with ‘i strongly believe that…’ rather than trying to get a forum of people to research things that you already believe you know the answer to. You’d get less grief.

    A pal on my bro-in-law was a bodyguard for the Saudi royal family at the time, and left soon after when celebrated 9/11…so this ain’t news.



    they keep the british arms industry afloat.

    We sell the Saudi’s $4bn in arms pa, the French sell $12bn … [/quote]

    So what? Two atrocities don’t make a right do they? Are the Saudis not the second biggest customer of the UK arms industry behind the MOD?

    Yes, for sure if the UK didn’t sell $4bn worth of missiles to the Saudis they would probably find another supplier to facilitate them blowing up schools and hospitals in Yemen but it would have massive repercussions for the british economy. Unless of course Prince Charles et al could quickly find another brutally oppressive Wahhabist regime to cosy up to.

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    Yes, yes, but apart from the oil and the arms…



    Yes, yes, but apart from the oil and the arms…

    It’s already been mentioned several times….. Saudi Arabia is the worlds biggest radical Sunni Wahhabism.


    the aquaduct?


    If it’s any consolation my brother who lives in the USA is exactly the same, he keeps sending out emails to all his contacts titled: “The real truth about XYZ….” or “You gotta read this….” and so on and his emails are pepppered with obscure references to imagined conspiracies. He seems to be happy to sit and waste 90 minutes watching some crap about how big business is secretly running America and actually demolished the twin towers. Maybe some of it is true but I haven’t the time or energy to get upset about it.

    He also hopes to retire to Arizona, buy some land somewhere remote, reject corrupt American society and become self-sufficient. He’s already overweight and unfit (used to do Polaris with me before emigrating and marrying a nutter) and I guess he hasn’t really thought much about the physical effort required to grow crops, raise animals and do all the stuff you’d need to do to survive.


    Embedding didn’t work, didn’t care enough to fix it 🙁

    Bit of a shame that really nick, as truth is, invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan happened on back of 9/11 and despite extensive evidence of deep Saudi involvement, the 9/11 commission avoided full investigation.

    Nonetheless, the classified 28 pages of the joint intelligence committee report into 9/11 were finally released on Friday, after being classified for 13 years… this intelligence was available to those in government before 9/11 was used to help drum up support for invading Iraq.

    Explosive Declassified Report Details Saudi Ties to 9/11

    Members of the Saudi royal family were sending money to a woman connected to the 9/11 hijackers

    Prince Bandar, who served as the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States from 1983 to 2005, and his wife allegedly sent money to the wife of Osama Bassman. Bassman is suspected of having provided assistance to Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, two of the terrorists involved in the hijacking. Bassman’s wife reportedly received a monthly stipend from Bandar’s wife of $2,000, and the F.B.I. found cashier’s checks totaling $74,000 in the couple’s residence. According to the document, Bassman also cashed a check from Bandar for $15,000.

    A suspected Saudi agent provided help to two hijackers

    Omar al-Bayoumi, a suspected Saudi intelligence officer, co-signed a lease and provided the first month’s rent and security deposit for hijackers al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar, and helped the duo find flight schools, according to the report. Al-Bayoumi also received a monthly salary from a company called “Erean,” which the report claims has ties to Saudi Arabia and Osama Bin Laden, even though he only showed up for work on one occasion and was “known to have access to large amounts of money from Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that he did not appear to have a job.”

    Two men conducted a “dry run” on a flight to D.C., with tickets paid for by the Saudi government

    In 1999, Mohammed al-Qudhaeein and Hamdan al-Shalawi reportedly asked flight attendants a handful of suspicious questions and tried to enter the cockpit of the airplane twice. Al-Qudhaeein and al-Shalawi were flying to Washington, D.C., where they planned to attend a party at the Saudi Embassy. The two claimed the embassy also paid for their tickets aboard the flight.

    The U.S. phone number of the Saudi ambassador was found in an al Qaeda operative’s possessions

    Abu Zubaida, a senior al-Qaeda operative who was captured in Pakistan in 2002, had a telephone number in his phone book that could be linked to that of Prince Bandar’s Colorado residence. The telephone number of a bodyguard at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C., was also found among Zubaida’s belongings.

    A man on a U.S. government watchlist snuck into the country with Prince Bandar

    An unnamed suspect who was on the State Department’s watch list was reportedly “able to circumvent the Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalizations Service because he was traveling with the Saudi prince.”

    Certainly puts this in a new light:


    Just don’t mention Al-Yamamah


    Well, in order…





    Could be


    In other words; supposition, assertions, speculation and cobblers.

    That’s not proof, it’s a fairy story.

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    How do you get any housework done? Or bikes ridden?

    That’s not proof, it’s a fairy story.

    Bit like the basis of the invasion of Iraq… people still died though

    Strange thing is, the 28 pages were published before the invasion of Iraq and classified by the Bush Administration.

    That means they knew of extensive Saudi involvement, but chose to censor it, to pursue war in Iraq.

    Some very interesting discoveries in here:

    On August 24, 2001, a foreign intelligence report was issued with the title: “Consideration by Abu Zubaydah to attack targets in the United States”.

    President Bush has been widely criticized for ignoring the warnings before 9/11 and not taking appropriate action.

    Zubaydah was captured on March 28, 2002. On October 14, 2002, Bush called Zubaydah “one of the top three leaders” in al-Qaeda.

    An alternate spelling of Zubaydah is Zubaida. This is the spelling most used in the 28 pages.

    Abu Zubaida is mentioned on pages 418, 419, 428, 437, 438, 441, and 442.

    I found the video by accident. It’s a sidewalk interview between two independent researchers and Robert Baer, the well-known former CIA case officer who was assigned to the Middle East. He has appeared on CNN as an analyst. He’s written two best sellers, including “Sleeping with the Devil”, revealing a convenient relationship between the Saudi royal family and the United States. His book was censored by the CIA. He has the credentials to know a lot of secrets.

    After answering several questions, Mr. Baer said something no one had ever heard before. This was years before the 28 pages were released.

    He said “Look, Abu Zubaydah, one of the key guys, called Bandar in Aspen right up until the tenth of September, and then started calling him again on the sixteenth of September.”

    Robert Baer wrote an article for “Time” in 2007. He said CIA Director Michael Hayden has admitted the CIA destroyed interrogation tapes of Abu Zubaydah. Also in the article, Mr. Baer said Zubaydah had two ATM cards on him when he was captured. One was issued by a bank in Saudi Arabia, with ties to the royal family. Telephone records found in Zubaydah’s house included calls to the United States. The calls stopped on the tenth of September, and resumed again on the sixteenth of September. Those are the same dates he mentioned in the sidewalk interview.,8599,1692518,00.html

    As far as I knew, Mr. Baer had never revealed who Zubaydah was calling in the United States, until that moment on the sidewalk. The Bandar he was referring to is Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to the United States from 1983 to 2005.

    Prince Bandar is a longtime friend of the Bush family, nicknamed “Bandar Bush”. He tutored George W. Bush on foreign affairs. He was very involved with the official business of the Bush administration.

    There is a famous photo of Prince Bandar relaxing at the White House on September 13, 2001. He is sitting next to Dick Cheney, across from Condi Rice and President Bush. He has his legs stretched out and looks relaxed. And, according to Mr. Baer, he had just received a phone call from Abu Zubaydah three days earlier, one day before 9/11. The evidence in the 28 pages supports Mr. Baer’s statement and explains how the phone calls occurred.

    A 2008 New York Times op-ed, titled “Stonewalled by the CIA”, written by 9/11 Commission Chairmen Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton confirmed that interrogation tapes were never given to the 9/11 Commission. They wanted to question Abu Zubaydah directly, but CIA director George Tenet told them point blank that they would have no such access. Zubaydah’s interrogation tapes were destroyed by the CIA in 2005.

    An April 15, 2004 CBS article revealed that Prince Bandar was shown the top secret Iraq war plans.

    Here are excerpts from the article:

    Journalist Bob Woodward calls his new book, “Plan of Attack,” the first detailed, behind-the-scenes account of how and why the president decided to wage war in Iraq.

    “Saturday, Jan. 11, (2003) with the president’s permission, Cheney and Rumsfeld call Bandar to Cheney’s West Wing office, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Myers, is there with a top-secret map of the war plan. And it says, ‘Top secret. No foreign.’ No foreign means no foreigners are supposed to see this,” says Woodward.

    “They describe in detail the war plan for Bandar. And so Bandar, who’s skeptical because he knows in the first Gulf War we didn’t get Saddam out, so he says to Cheney and Rumsfeld, ‘So Saddam this time is gonna be out, period?’ And Cheney – who has said nothing – says the following: ‘Prince Bandar, once we start, Saddam is toast.'”

    After Bandar left, according to Woodward, Cheney said, “I wanted him to know that this is for real. We’re really doing it.”

    But this wasn’t enough for Prince Bandar, who Woodward says wanted confirmation from the president. “Then, two days later, Bandar is called to meet with the president and the president says, ‘Their message is my message,'” says Woodward.

    Prince Bandar enjoys easy access to the Oval Office. His family and the Bush family are close. And Woodward told 60 Minutes that Bandar has promised the president that Saudi Arabia will lower oil prices in the months before the election – to ensure the U.S. economy is strong on election day.

    On April 25, 2004, an Associated Press article outlined the importance of Saudi Arabia in the Iraq war. This article also states that Bandar was shown the war plans. According to the article, some lawmakers have demanded to know why a foreigner (Prince Bandar) was brought in on private war planning.

    Here is what can be proven.

    President Bush and Vice President Cheney tried to stop the 9/11 Congressional investigation before it started. They wanted NO investigation into the events of 9/11. I documented this on my blog page titled “No Pages”. Their efforts were unsuccessful and there was a Congressional Inquiry.

    The 28 pages linking Prince Bandar with Zubaida and Bassnan were redacted from that Inquiry by President Bush in December 2002.

    Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Myers would have read or known what was in the 28 pages. They would have known about the Prince Bandar allegations.

    A month later, in January 2003, knowing what they knew, they invited Prince Bandar to review the top secret war plans.

    It is possible that some of the allegations had innocuous explanations.

    It is impossible that all of them could have been thoroughly investigated and explained in such a short time.

    It would have been hard to explain a $15,000 check from Bandar to Bassnan. It would have been hard to explain how Zubaida got the unlisted private number to Bandar’s corporation in Aspen.

    No one has ever asked Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Myers why they trusted Bandar after reading the serious allegations in the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry.

    They weren’t just protecting the Saudis because they needed them to launch the Iraq war. They trusted an individual 9/11 suspect, Prince Bandar, enough to show him the war plans.


    Zubaydah was captured on March 28, 2002. On October 14, 2002, Bush called Zubaydah “one of the top three leaders” in al-Qaeda.

    Covert surveillance photos just in:

    Bloody hell, didn’t know they had ninja stars too!!

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