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  • Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    chicken nuggets
    lilly allen on iplayer *swoons*
    rehydrating after 4 hours in the sun with white zinfandel

    Premier Icon kimbers

    bbq jerk chicken with mango and pepper rice, hmmmmmmm

    mmmm cakes.. what sort of cakes mrsF?

    Me, eating – organic salmon, new pots, baby corn and peas (or I will be as soon as I get off me bum and cook it). Passion fruit cheesecake for afters. Yum.

    drinking – robinsons weak lemon drink

    listening – glastonbury on 6music


    dorset apple cake on the cooler rack, chocolate & banana loaf with streusel topping in oven. For tomorrow’s stw settle ride.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    what is streusel?


    kind of a crumble toppping.

    Premier Icon ton

    just eaten steak, wedges, corn on the cob
    drinking strong tea
    listening to murray grunting at wimbledon

    Premier Icon ton

    and i am very sad cos i can’t make the settle ride tomorrow, and will miss claire’s cake………………. 😥


    we’ll just have to organise another then Ton 🙂


    Eating – had cottage pie.
    Listening – to the blissful silence now I’ve got the nephews into bed
    Drinking – never again.


    Eating: Just had 3 bits of granary bread with beans, scrambled eggs, peas, fish fingers and some fried onions with brown sauce :mrgreen:

    Listening: Danger Mouse – 99 Problems – The Grey Album.

    Drinking: Water

    chicken curry
    Pepsi max
    Watchin coraline

    Wholemeal Pitta bread with Philly Light & Marmite
    Diet Coke
    Crosby Stills & Nash on the telly and thunder / rain outside

    May put on The Italian Job on the shiney new Blu Ray disc I got the other day

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    crumble topping?

    *drools just a little bit*


    just finished a tasty bacon and mushroom pizza that i made.

    drinking oj and lemonade

    watching CSN from glasto (was hoping that neil young might pop up as well but he’s in hyde park innit!)





    ron jeremy

    Mrs RJ is away at a hen do, so having a night of bad tv and stella, however have a food dilemma, had BLT and chips in pub at lunchtime with cider but can’t decide between curry or chinese for tonight, to go with the Stella 4% (which is strangley nice)


    Fleet Foxes



    Will be eating spincach & ricotta tart. It better be good as I chopped my finger making it.
    listening to the simpsons theme tune
    drinking summer fruits squash.

    Smelling the cakes I am baking.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    The girls have just cooked their first barbie,[not the doll]
    Tribute to M J on Dearne FMs soul hour, much prefer the regular soul hour
    Bath is run and Im going for a long soak and to read my book
    No riding this weekend as Katie has been at the West Yorkshire youth games today at Leeds Carnegie and tomorrow they are at Katies school raising monies for Do it for Dawson for 10 hours
    Although Abigale isnt at school untill September she has been invited by the girls because she can run

    Baths ready


    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    had a couple of veggie burgers a bit ago (in nice granary rolls with beefsteak tomato and soya ‘cheese’ slices).
    watching my name is earl on e4+1.
    drinking the obligatory fentimans ginger beer.

    EDIT: if i open the patio doors i can hear take that playing at old trafford pretty clearly too. unfortunately.

    Chicken Balti
    The Polyphonic Spree
    Tea (wish it was Fentiman’s Curiousity Cola)

    ron jeremy

    decision made, just ordered Chicken Vindaloo, Garlic Naan and rice, Mmmmm Saturday night special, now what film?

    Chicken breast with cheese sauce, mushrooms, baby corn cobs, greeen beans and new pots.

    Drinking Ribena , orange squash and ginger cordial

    Watching the **** trailers for my third tv appearence ( and getting rather nervous . will announce it proper next week and prepare myself mentaly for the drubbing )


    E: Spinach and Ricotta filled pasta and sauce, followed by chocolate raisins.

    L: more of a watch, but just finished ‘Tropic Thunder’ which was better than I thought. now about to start some House

    D: Bit of Vin Blanc with tea, now on lots of water ready for tomorrow’s STW ride

    Looking forward to a piece of mrsflash’s cake if I make it all the way round 😛


    my tart was good. Trying to resist the cake.


    incubus, carling, mccoys tortillas, cant be arsed to make any more effort, WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to tired! goin ashton court tomorrow, see how the 32s have changed the P1!

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