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  • Saturday morning EDL
  • Premier Icon aphex_2k
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    Crispy smoke bacon and mushroom omelette

    Mug of espresso

    B. Traits on radio 1

    (10am Saturday morning in Western Australia)

    Premier Icon mikey74
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    Your breakfast time is my dinner time (Vancouver).

    Premier Icon Drac
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    Omeprazole, a sip of water and the Mrs snoring.

    Premier Icon bikebouy
    Free Member

    Too early yet.. but in an hour or so..

    Bacon, eggs, beans, hash brown.

    Large flat white.

    The wind over the Sea, the murmur of chats about “bit windy for a SUP race” and the windsurfing lot “excellent, finally some wind”

    HISC are running around Hayling Island SUP & Windsurf Race 👍😳🌬💪💪💪💪

    Premier Icon ferrals
    Free Member

    The crosscast podcast episode 1 of the new season, mug of tea, porridge shortly

    Premier Icon neilsonwheels
    Free Member

    No breakfast before hitting the turbo trainer.

    Black coffee.

    Ashens on youtube.

    Premier Icon alwillis
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    Bagels with jam and peanut butter


    classic fm and the cats playfighting

    Premier Icon Roter Stern
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    Muesli with banana, kiwi and blueberries.

    Latte Machiato from our fancy coffee machine.

    Listening to one of the god awful German radio stations.

    Premier Icon Sandwich
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    Pain au Raisin, espresso (double) and 6 music warbling in the background.

    Premier Icon slowoldman
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    Weetabix, pear and apricot topping.



    Premier Icon Mister P
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    Potato hash, mug of tea and Carbon Based Lifeforms on Spotify.

    Premier Icon richardk
    Free Member

    No food yet (chocolate croissants soon though)

    Black coffee

    The sounds of the kids smashing out 3000m in the pool  in early morning training

    Premier Icon manton69
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    Damson and apple crumble (leftovers from last night)

    Strong cuppa tea

    Birds in the garden, a plane overhead and nobody else up yet so relative silence.

    Premier Icon mikey74
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    Can I do a Friday EDL here? Yes? OK, cool.

    E: Random stuff from the fridge.

    D: Steamworks Black Angel IPA (a Vancouver local) 7.0%

    L: Gov’t Mule live vid on You Tube.

    Premier Icon Sqwubbsy
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    Marmalade on toast


    Constant Snapchat notifications from my son’s phone.

    Premier Icon wordnumb
    Free Member

    Coffee, black.

    Low – Double Negative.

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    Fresh baked baguette and bacon


    Birds on the camp site, think I can see a vulture.

    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    Can’t Face anything. Went to fazenda in Leeds (Brazilian all you can eat steak) last night and somewhat over indulged.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    Espresso, pint of water, half a slice of toast. Saturday is long run day and that’ll do for up to 10 miles.

    Bacon and eggs when I get home I think.

    Premier Icon dudeofdoom
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    Coffee lots of coffee,and some minichoc wheetabix.

    Strange anime on telly.

    Up early after a sweating  a cold out,bedding just grim won’t be doing much today.

    Premier Icon choppersquad
    Free Member


    Headache pills.

    The voice in my head saying “told you so”

    Premier Icon dawson
    Full Member

    Bowl of frosties.

    Cup of tea.


    Currently psyching myself up to get off my arse and do the supermarket shop

    Premier Icon Houns
    Full Member

    Tea, Yorkshire

    Malt loaf, Banana

    My brain thinking whether to go to the APF show at Ragley Hall or not as rain forecast for most of the day

    Premier Icon lister
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    Black tea by the pint.

    No food in the house. Probably go and get some bread soon but cba.

    Watching the BSB roundup on itv4.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby
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    Ham and cheese omelette.

    Two mugs of tea followed by some Aeropress action.

    Mountain Bus – Sundance

    Off to Weymouth for a few days in about an hour, just as the house here fills with pensioners for a Macmillan Coffee Morning,

    Premier Icon Alex
    Full Member

    Poached egg on toast. With chilli flakes.

    Pot of black coffee

    Wolf Alice latest album

    Rainy day so time to process 300+ photos from Sospel MTB hols three months ago. And more coffee.

    Premier Icon Akers
    Full Member

    Eggs, bacon, beans, tomatoes and toast.

    Tea and orange juice.

    Kenny Rogers and the First Edition – Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

    Getting all my kit ready for Southern Enduro tomorrow. It’s gonna be wet!

    Premier Icon Kuco
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    Cheese & fried egg sarnie, coffee, washing machine

    Premier Icon chvck
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    Shredded Wheat

    Black Coffee

    The screaming of my laptop fans as it tries to compile an Unreal Engine project.

    Premier Icon old donald
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    2nd breakfast  ( after park run)



    The clash.….

    Premier Icon wordnumb
    Free Member


    Wolves in the Trone Room.

    should probably eat something….

    Premier Icon wordnumb
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    Premier Icon hodgynd
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    Nothing ( fantastic fillet steak Rossini at Sabatini’s on Newcastle Quayside last night favourite restaurant ).

    Coffee ( nowt fancy ..Kenco smooth).

    New Bonamassa album ( not hugely impressed yet !)..

    NB…I did have a Greggs Breakfast special from the service area in Hexham ..on my way to today’s ride ..bacon & sausage sarnie / latte .

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