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  • Sat on my sofa cuddling my new baby son born yesterday…life is good!
  • cjr61

    Merry Christmas all

    Congratulations. Went to the football with my 12 yo son today. 4-0 win, steak pies at half time and chips on the way home. Great day.


    Best feeling ever…now comes the hard part 😀

    First family XMas enjoy

    1 shed

    Congratulations enjoy, same birthday as my boy.

    Premier Icon grahamt1980

    Congrats – Just over 5 months here.
    Its awesome, and when things get challenging remember it gets better fast

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Congratulations. They’re awesome (and mouthy, irritating, messy, mouthy, eat you out of house and home, demanding, messy, mouthy) and awesome.

    My wife found the definition of a boy online somewhere when ours were smaller.

    A noise with dirt on it…

    Can also be spelled

    Annoys with dirt on it.

    Both are true.

    Have a really great Christmas.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    mmmmmmwwwwwaaahhhhaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa !

    by 25th you’ll have lost about 30hrs sleep and found 4 ways of getting puke/shite out of your hair

    I mean, it is great but … can I have your bike ?

    Happy Christmas

    Take a photo of your face now. And then do the same in 3 months time……

    Congratulations. The hard work is worth it.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    High five OP. Our second is due and day now.

    Fun times ahead. How’s mum?

    cjr61, congratulations to you and your family! It’s a lovely feeling. I miss being able to hold my children in one hand, but they still leap up for cuddles!

    Premier Icon ctk

    can I have your bike ?

    Take a photo of your face now. And then do the same in 3 months time……


    Congratulations. You already love him more than you ever thought possible and you’ll love him more each day- wait til he looks you in the eyes and smiles at you !

    Premier Icon ffej

    Congratulations! As others have hinted.. there will be tough days and nights ahead, but it gets easier. (first 3 months are tough!)
    Once they start laughing and giggling with you though, it’s the best feeling.


    Just wait til he starts talking back! Its not as far away as you think!

    Good times though. Prepare for the speedy passage of time…


    Nice one!!! Our newest, minimissvader is 5 months old now… Enjoy the first few months… It’s an awesome, exhausting, exhilarating, confusing best time ever


    Congratulations … My son is five hours old! 🙂
    I’ve got my own little sofa bed next to him and my wife in hospital tonight.


    Congratulations. Enjoy the festive period. You will find time starts speeding up now.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Nice. At 5 months here but that day holding her for the first time was just perfect.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Many congratulations!

    Premier Icon cheers_drive

    Congratulations, our baby daughter is 2 months old now.
    I won’t lie there will be some tough days but every baby is different so don’t listen too much to the advice of others.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Congrats. Look after Mum – that’s the main job of new Dads.

    Premier Icon themightymowgli

    Waaaay! So cool. 8 and a half weeks in with our not so little (9:14 on arrival) guy and I’m still an emotional kaleidoscope. How can a baby crying feel so painfully sad yet fill you with such immense joy at the same time? Daftness

    Premier Icon hatter

    Brilliant, welcome to the ‘cliff-face’ learning curve of early parenthood! It does get easier and way more rewarding when the personality starts coming through, the first gummy grin and “DA-DA!” when you walk in the door wil knock your socks off.

    Got a 1 year old daughter and a 3 year old son here, they’re ace, they’re both an exquisite pain in the arse in thier own special way but I wouldn’t be without them for the world.


    Thanks all for the kind words and congratulations.

    No, I’m keeping my bikes in the hope I can Buck the trend and still ride with a newborn…haha

    Mum is good. Epic labour and I’m still in absolute awe of her.

    I’m quite proud that it’s only taken me an hour to read my own thread…baby’s first bath was an experience!

    All the best and wait for me to post that odd houra

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    Congratulations! We’re almost 8 weeks in with a little girl.

    It’s bloody hard work and a steep learning curve, but definitely worth it!
    Even though everyone tells you how much sleep you’ll lose and how tired you’ll be, you can’t comprehend it until it’s actually happening!

    Already planning what balance bike to buy her!


    Congratulations OP.
    Up after midnight with a new bambino,excellent,takes me back.
    My youngest and I are sat up after midnight watching rubbish telly,he’s just back for the hols ,and now the house feels complete.
    All the best.

    Premier Icon thegreatape

    Congratulations cjr and the other new dads. I am currently in Barcelona with Mrs TGA for our first holiday without the children since out honeymoon ten years ago. It’s lovely, but I can’t wait to see the grubby little oiks – 14, 8 and 5 – on Christmas Eve! You think they can’t get any better than when they’re babies, but they do 🙂 . And noise with dirt on, that’s a very good description.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    My eldest (now 12) and I rode to a Cafe for lunch and there were a couple of mums there with newborns. Hard to believe he was ever that small, he’s getting a 16″ Inbred frame for Xmas.

    Youngest is 9 today as well.

    Congratulations OP. Remember this amazing feeling. It will have worn off in a week of sleep deprived fear and confusion. So hold on to this feeling in the tough times. And take good care of Mum and yourself.

    Premier Icon thegreatape

    But remember that good parenting is about leading by example. This includes teaching babies how to go to sleep.


    Congrats. The first three days are a shock, the next three weeks are tough, the next three months easier and then you’re home and dry.

    As a Dad myself and remembering our own event 16 years ago I will give you one word of advice:


    Kids thrive on routine and knowing the limits and boundaries. A story then bed at the same time every night, kiss and cuddle, lights out, end of. Don’t go gallavanting around the country showing him off, that can come later.

    If you read to him every evening he will get a head start on all the other kids that you’ll never regret. Ours amazed the nursery school staff by reading out car numberplates when they went for a toddle to the park.

    He’s now turning into a useful cyclist and willing to spend more and more time on the front.




    First night pretty good! Impressive how something so small can fill a washing machine with dirty clothes so fast!

    Routine is good but don’t let it rule your life. We had a holiday with my brother in laws family and he was a nightmare. Completely unwilling to be flexible regarding his kids routine. He was telling us what time we were all having breakfast etc, had to leave places by 4pm.


    Massive congratulations to all of you! 😛 Boys freakin’ rock (mama of 3 – 23, 25 and 28 😛 )

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    cjr61 – Member
    First night pretty good! Impressive how something so small can fill a washing machine with dirty clothes so fast!

    You’ve already taught him to load the washing machine! Good work! 😀

    My 7 yo daughter made us pancakes for breakfast this morning.

    Premier Icon dogmatix

    Super congratulations! I think my wife and my first words to each other when we got our first born home (As our little un’ was sat in the middle of the room in a car seat) for the first time was WTF!!! . An actual human being!!! 😯

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Congratulations! But cool, innit. 🙂

    We had a mentally rigorously enforced routine for the first, and he slept, ate and got on with life wonderfully. Bit constraining though.

    By number three we didn’t really care anymore and turned out fine too. 🙂

    Just enjoy every bloody amazing moment.


    When I was six my dad took me to see Star Wars at the cinema (1978).

    Tomorrow I’m taking my six year old to see The Force Awakens.

    I am so excited I think I might burst.


    Exciting times. It does really help you remember the real priorities in life.

    I like a feel good thread!

    STW just need to make some tiny weenie baby beanies now. 😀

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