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  • hainman

    Has anyone used or use the saris bones bike rack and know if I can use it on a ford focus and new Astra??
    Looking for a 3 bike rack and it looks bang on but need one to fit both cars



    Premier Icon kimbers

    2 bike rack works very well on my focus, best bike rack ive owned

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    I’ve got the Saris RS (ratchet strap) and it seems to work on most cars.
    It uses a metal clip that affixes to the top and bottom lip of a boot lid.
    The only cars that might have an issue are saloon cars with a spoiler or those with plastic trim at the top of the boot lid. My friend tried it on an old Renault Clio and the trim at the top of the boot didn’t seem to be a reassuring fit.
    I think Evans stock them so it might be worthwhile going to have a look.
    I’ve used it on a 51 plate vectra (hatchback) and 08 Kia Carens without issue.
    The suction cups and arms are really adjustable so I think the biggest issue for you would be it the boot has standard edges without trim or a spoiler.
    If you order online, and are careful unboxing it, you could always return it anyway.


    What year Focus? My Bones 3 fits my Mk1 (1999) Focus fine (I have a bit of innertube on the side straps to stop them sliding up onto the rear lights).

    Good luck reguarly getting 3 bikees on the rack though, especially if they are full-sussers (unless you get very lucky with bike shape).


    I managed to get 2 adult and 1 kids bike on my saab, for three adult bikes you’ll probably have to either take pedals off, swing the bars around in line with the frame and get a saris top tube extension bar for full sussers, otherwise you’ll scratch the heck of of the frames and get brake lever clash. Good rack though.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I think cost co has them at the moment.


    Hainman – I have one for sale if you’re interested – just want back what I paid for it – £65.

    I bought a used one recently but never used it as I really wanted Thule roof bars.
    I would be amazed if it didn’t fit your cars.

    Give me a shout if you want to know more….cheers

    Premier Icon ransos

    Saris bones fits fine on my Cmax. It’s right on the limit of adjustment to allow the top straps to clear the spoiler though. Rock solid once fitted but a bit of a pain to set up.

    As others have said, two bikes fit very nicely, three is difficult.

    b r

    It should fit both cars, but you may find that you need to adjust the arms differently between the two cars. Its easy to do though.

    I’ve one on my saloon, very solid.


    Have one for my BMW Z4 but never need to carry 3 bikes. LOL

    As has been said Costco have them for about £115 at the moment, but my local Go Outdoors has then for £99 if you have their discount card (which costs about £5 I think)


    Sold mine it didn’t work with any of our cars at the time (Rover 200, new Focus, Fiesta, Clio).

    The problem was that all the cars had plastic roof spoilers of some description and although the hooks fitted OK on the upper edge of the tailgate the straps rested on the spoiler and flexed badly i could see the whole shebang swaying from side-to-side in the rear view mirror.

    Not an issue if you have an unobstructed straight run for the roof straps but something to be aware of otherwise.

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