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  • bullheart

    Looks fab, costs too much. People will vote with their wallets, not the desire to support a British manufacturer with a chequered history in quality and innovation.

    For the record though, it looks fantastic. Shame really…

    Ok so the YT is a non runner and a uk supplier is preferred with a solid reputation of after sales support

    Lets hope the big boys start to take notice


    The spec of that Saracin isn’t much cop for the money. Specialized would have a much better spec for the same money. They support a dealer network, too.

    Can’t see much of market for it at that price.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    The spec of that Saracin isn’t much cop for the money.

    errrm, have you read the thread?

    ‘spec’ on the links shown has wrong gears, wrong fork and wrong shock on it.


    apples & pears

    Specialized are massive, Saracen is relatively small even backed by Madison.

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    I have a soft spot for Saracen after a happy period with a MAgura braked Kili Flyer in the early 90s. Both their 650b hardtail and now this FS bike look sweet and its good to see a British company producing handsome bikes.

    I don’t buy bikes based on how they are speced. Its how they ride and the frame and fork are the prime consideration as everything else can and will be changed as it wears out.

    Most that I’ve seen/heard about the new Saracens has been good and that bike looks nice – but with the incorrect spec as written (not pictured) it would be hamstrung by that fork and shock. With the correct spec then it adds up but you can’t judge us for judging a bike based on the (incorrect) information we’re given! The transmission will wear out and therefore matters little in the cost consideration but the suspension is a fundamental longterm part of the bike.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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