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  • Saracen Ariel 50E Review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The Saracen Ariel 50E may only have 60Nm torque but there’s no way Benji would trade in this bike’s amazing handling prowess in exchange for 25 more N …

    By ben_haworth

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    Saracen Ariel 50E Review

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    I never felt it bottom out, yet the O-ring was oft found at the end of the shaft.


    This is a key point and one of the things that has so impressed me with the Float X fitted here (no to be confused with the older DPX2).

    This new Float X launched in 2022 gained the big, soft, elastomer bottom out bumper of the DH/Enduro Float X2. When compared with the little float DPS that often graced these mid range/more trail spec bikes, this is a big improvement. Its worked wonders on my 120mm travel trail bike.




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    The E7000 seems to be a bit more reliable than the EP8 too! I’ve got one in my Vitus and it doesn’t feel underpowered, I hardly ever use boost anyway.

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    When will you be notifying the winner of the virtual raffle?


    I should really have read the whole article before posting

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    I believe the e7000 is even less rebuildable than the ep8.

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    Almost as ugly as that mating from a few tears ago – mount vision iirc.

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