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  • I managed to borrow a Saracen Aerial 3 yesterday and took it around my local, very wet woods yesterday and I have to say what an amazing bike. Its one of the first bikes that I have ridden that is an easy bike to ride well. It really behaved itself in the mud and when I thought it was all going wrong a little correction of the bars, the front hooked up again allowing you to control the back. Another thing which was impressive was how well it climbed, it felt well planted and every stroke that I made on the pedals was going to the back wheels.

    If you are after a new ride and can look through the Saracen name you really wouldn’t be disappointed. I think I’ll be ordering an Areial X frame when I can get some cash together.

    Hope this helps who is looking for a new bike.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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