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  • Santa Cruz Tallboy carbon XTR Totally brill bike! Tons pics Detailed description
  • Premier Icon mickb

    Top of the range Santa Cruz Tallboy carbon in black.
    Yes it’s as good as the reviews say!

    Prefer to sell as complete bike unless someone is desperate for the frame and that is sold 1st!

    Might try eBay if I can suck up the hassle and fees but I’ll try here first.

    Size is large but these are deceptive (I originally looked for a medium until I actually rode them). I regard this as a perfect fit for me at just under 5′ 10” albeit with the saddle post reasonably well down.
    Santa Cruz are therefore spot on when they give the recommended size of rider as anywhere from 5′ 9” to 6′ 1”
    Tried a test bike with 120 mm travel but came to the conclusion that 100 mm was the perfect set up for me.
    Makes it more agile, feels more flick-able and gives better handling in tight track without any really noticeable difference elsewhere. That said I am 12.5 stones and not a mega aggressive rider who does mostly long distance x-country leisure riding.
    Probably the best quality bike I have had (and I have owned a lot over the years). Bearings are sealed in behind snug fitting protective covers and they would be replaceable, if ever needed, without even dismantling the running gear. Truly a superb piece of design by Santa Cruz. Grease ports for the main frame lower bearings!!

    I could quote you the RRP and add in all the upgrades (which would come to well over £7000) but you know as well as I do that this retail figure covers warranty (non transferable) and ignores the fact that most people do not pay full RRP.
    I have actually got just under £4,400 in this build which has a ton of virtually new parts as listed below. This is only because I bought carefully over several months and sourced most items on sale etc. The new 2013 equivalent bike is around £6600.

    * Frame is the last of the 135 mm rear quick releases (2011/12). I bought it barely used and fully built up in near mint condition which is how it remains. I can find only two tiny marks both just in the lacquer and both noticeable only on mega close inspection. Bearings are perfect with no play at all. It comes with grease port gun & grease. It has had loads of heli-tape on it as you can see in the pictures and I will leave this in place.

    * Headset is silver Chris King 1 1/8 – 1 ½ tapered.

    * Rear shock is Fox RP23 and has had clean and mini service with fresh grease and Float Fluid. It works perfectly and is unmarked. I detected a minuscule amount of play in the shock mount when I first bought the bike, so this has been replaced and upgraded with a T F Tuned heavy duty shock mount kit.

    * Forks are 2012 Fox Float RLC Kashima stanchions. 15 mm bolt through. Bought from Chain reaction in January 2013 and are absolutely mint. Just had mini service with fresh oil in each leg and new crush washers after approx 30 hours total use from new.

    * KS Lev dropper seat post 100 mm. Near brand new (06/06/2013) and still under warranty. Works perfectly and has loads of post to expose for longer leg length (see pics). These are £340 RRP in the UK and I got one for only a little less via France!

    * Or……..Near brand new, totally unmarked Thomson Elite post if you prefer at discount on bike of £250.

    * The rest of the finishing kit is Shimano’s very expensive but tough and light pro range – bar/stem/saddle. Brand new Odi lock on grips just fitted as they integrate with the KS remote lever.

    * Full XTR (except for SRAM chain – which is nearly new at around 200/250 miles of use). The triple chain set was sourced in January from someone who had removed it from a new bike. It has done maybe 300 miles and is virtually unmarked apart from some scuffs on the crank arm ends which I will touch over. It has heli-tape over the faces of the arms so these are just a bout mint. Was going to go double/bash but never got round to it.

    * Cassette is XTR 11-36 and the whole drive chain is running fine with a nearly new chain (put on new in June). I have however, swapped out the XTR font mech for an XT. I can supply the nearly new XTR one but it has a marginally shorter cage than the other Shimano 10 speed front dérailleurs and the XT gives a beautiful smooth, crisp change on this design of rear suspension which doesn’t work well IMHO with the XTR.

    * Rear dérailleur is the XTR with the clutch which is a nice touch and certainly reduces chain rattle when descending.

    * Brakes are real highlight. XTR Trail Brakes have to be the best I have ridden weight to power. I will fit some new, Shimano sintered pads for any purchaser.

    * Wheels are Stan’s Crest rims in Hope Pro II SP evos. Rear one on the original bike had a small dent in the rim so the rear was replaced and is virtually brand new (alloy free wheel wasn’t even marked when I last looked!). Barely a mark on the rims which are straight and true and hubs are smooth as new.

    * Tyres are 2.2 Continental X-King black chilli protection version. They are all set up tubeless and have had only a summer’s use. These black chilli ones wear brilliantly and the tread is barely touched.

    * Pedals & bottle cage in the pictures are not included.

    The bike could be made lighter with very little effort (the Thomson post option actually saves cost & weight for example) but built as it is I have gone for the maximum durability and comfort at a pretty low weight (comes in just about spot on 26 lbs (including my Speedplay pedals).

    I have had it at one point down around the 25lbs mark and I have ridden it with and without the dropper and IMHO it is certainly a worthwhile addition (despite the bit of extra weight).

    This bike is probably the most comfortable and forgiving mtb I have ever ridden. The phrase “mile muncher” fits it perfectly. You seem to be cruising along but then find you have covered the miles far faster than you expected. If I was a racer then I would be totally sold on the 29er concept. As it is, I am totally impressed with the bike as a “ride just about anything” trail bike and will not be disappointed if it doesn’t sell. I am presently looking for my next project but nothing has jumped out at me as yet!!

    So to sum up, as I have done in previous years, I have built up a top end mountain bike and ridden it Spring and Summer. I ride 60% road bike 40% mtb and I get almost as much enjoyment out of building and sourcing the mtb as I do actually riding them. Most of the miles I have done on this one were in France this year. So dry and warm. I usually like to see if anyone is in the market for the bike I have built and start fresh over the winter. Also I am planning upgrading my motor-home and could do with springing some cash if possible.

    However, the bike is quality so it’s no hardship if I end up keeping it for another year (my last before this I kept for two full summers and owned for nearly 2.5 years which is something of a record)

    Everything on the bike is in top condition, fully serviced and working 100%. It will be advertised briefly, over the next few weeks and if not sold I will be keeping it so please don’t make any silly offers!

    You will need to find £3,700 to buy this with the KS post or £3450 with the Thompson Elite but I can genuinely say that that is a fair second hand price and the purchaser will get a virtually immaculate bike. I will listen to offers but this will depend on payment method, pick up/posting etc. etc.

    Happy to pack and post at cost but pick up for cash would, obviously, be great and saved PayPal fees will be taken into account.

    Any inspection welcome and positively encouraged.
    Halifax, West Yorkshire. email in profile.
    Payment by arrangement to suit

    Would take the chainset and brakes, if prepared to split… 😀

    (please someone buy the frame!)



    What would you want for the frame?

    Premier Icon mickb

    If I decided to split the frame/shock would be £1,850 posted complete with Chris King headset or £1,875 with brand new in June XTR bottom bracket cups included as well. Frame, headset, bottom bracket and forks £2,275 posted.
    At the moment, I prefer to try to sell the complete bike but if I get a list of folk committed to buying the majority of parts I may go that route next week.
    I have pencilled no_eyed_deer in for the crank set & brakes should this be the case.
    Should you indicate that you want the frame, I would place you first in line and a sale to you would then trigger clearing the other bits.
    I have a rough price list for all the bits on the bike if anyone wants to message me with enquiries.
    PayPal gift or fees covered by the purchasers or a free bank transfer. Pick up for cash is always best by me though!!

    Cheers Mick

    Premier Icon mickb
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