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  • Santa Cruz Ink Blue – RAL number?
  • Thinking of getting my venerable but somewhat battle-worn Chameleon resprayed. Anyone know what RAL code the original ink blue colour is or where I can find it? Or a colour that is close enough?


    I emailed Santa Cruz asking for a colour code for the lime green…

    Answer: An independant colour shop spray our frames we have no idea what the colours are!!!
    Have a nice day.


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    Not sure if it will help but my mate contacted jungle to ask about a potential warranty issue with the paint on his nomad some years ago and was told that they would usually send their frames to Argos in Bristol for issues. They may be worth contacting.


    google images ral numbers?

    My monitor doesnt display metallic colours properly.

    Besides I thought someone might be able to just give me and answer.

    Thanks all, suppose I would just take the frame along and get them to try to match to one of the non-discoloured bits of paint that are still attached!

    The USA don’t do “that RAL thing.” It’s like pounds and kilos…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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