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  • Santa Cruz Heckler with FOX 36 RC2 Forks / RP23 Shock all for £500
  • havinalaff

    Hi. Im very interested. I work in staffs. Where are you?


    Hi Steve, I am in Stafford, where abouts do you work. I am up at Walton.


    I am selling my Santa Cruz Heckler custom build. The bike has been well used over the years but I have kept it maintained and serviced and it still goes very well. I use it every weekend over Cannock Chase. I have the original receipt for the bike plus service records for the forks.

    IMPORTANT: Pedals are NOT included.

    NOTE: The rear brakes feel a bit spongy and the cassette is not sitting flush on the hub. It is currently in the LBS to get these things looked at/sorted out.

    It’s a 18″ frame size.

    There is a small dent on the rear part of the frame but this is just cosmetic (see picture).

    Over the past year I have had:
    A new rear wheel re-built around the HOPE hub
    A new HOPE brake rotor on the rear
    Installed a new handle bar (Carbon Monkey Lite XC)

    In the past month I have had:
    Bike serviced
    Brakes serviced including new HOPE brake pads (getting fitted today)
    New top of the range Shimano chain (getting fitted today)
    A brand new Fox Float RP23 Shock installed (£360rrp). (The original 5th Element shock works fine and will be part of the deal)

    Any questions just ask.

    Looking for £500. Located in Staffordshire. Collection only please.

    Hope Brakes
    Shimano XT everything else except for Chain Hanger
    MAXIS High Roller Front and back
    FOX 36 RC2 Forks serviced 2008
    FOX RP23 Float Shock with boost valve
    Thompson Stem
    Crane Creek Headset
    Thompson seatpost
    HOPE Hubs
    MAVIC 729 rear rim
    DT SWISS EX500 front rim


    Im a paramedic in stafford. How old are the forks other than the major service in 2008 have they had any lower leg service , what year is the frame and how long is the a stem?


    Oops meant Rich. Was just checking your profile 🙂


    I bought the bike off a mate in 2010. I can get in touch with him and find out about the forks if you like. The frame is 2004. I don’t know off the top of my head how long the stem is. I can measure it when it comes back from the LBS (just waiting for a call from them).


    Hi. Without any servicing and ridden weekly by you ill have to pass. But thanks.


    No problem Rich. I did ask for the forks to be sent of for a servicing last time I had the bike serviced (last month) but the LBS said they are fine so don’t bother until they need it. I did wonder whether that was the right approach but there you go..

    Anyway for anyone else who might be interested, update from the bike shop:
    They have replaced the Free Hub so that issue with the cassette not sitting flush is sorted.
    New pads and chain will be installed on Tuesday.


    Interested in this, what is the current travel on the forks? Looks a little less than 160mm?

    Also do you or can you travel north at all? I’m based up in Scotland and you are a fair distance away unfortunately.


    Hi Jools79, sorry its literally just sold.

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