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  • Santa Cruz cable routing?
  • munkyboy

    Helping someone install new brakes and drivetrain to a new Santa Cruz. Really struggling to get the cables through the internal routing. The last bend just doesn’t want to go. The brake cable has a metal stop end which I assume will need to be trimmed but then I will have dot oil everywhere. Even the narrower derailleur doesn’t want to go?

    Would the park tool draw wire thing help?


    Did this recently and yes the swing arm is tricky but patience And perseverance works well. Used a pick to hook it once I could see them.


    Its a doddle if you do it back to front.

    Pop out the two grommets, feed outer and brake hose in from the caliper and rear mech end, torch and pick to assist hooking them out where the grommets go, refit grommets then just feed up the front triangle.

    Edit – which SC (frame and version) The above suits the Bronson V3


    It’s the v3. The front triangle is the problem getting the last 15mm or so. Totally stuck in?

    Premier Icon ogri

    Back to front and generous use of a silicone spray.


    Should just pop out the front as it’s full internal tubing for routing

    Have you tried front to back on the front triangle to ensure it’s possible to thread through?

    Go from back to front on the V3. Keep the cable as straight as possible as possible as you feed it through the lower hole in the front range. The hose/housing can get gouged up a bit as you push it and then pull it through. As I was shortening by brake hose I did cut it and just put some electrical tape around the end. There was no issue with fluid getting anywhere at all.


    If your dropper is a Reverb then this is a bit of a pig to do (cable dropper or a new reverb hose can go from the head tube end and is reasonably simple, again using silicone spray).

    – Spare length of hose / outer. Feed in at the head tube.
    – connect to Reverb hose using red connector.
    – Pull as carefully back through a possible (difficult as tight fit)
    – The angle of exit at the head tube was to tight for the red connector to pass and the pulling outer/hose kept pulling off right at the end. Eventually succeeded with a pick and needle nose pliers to grab the end of the connector and pull through, but expect to ruin the threads of the connector.

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