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  • 32t up front might be a cheap option to give you a lower gear to climb with, otherwise, the SLX cranks with a front deraileur & shifter are your best plan


    not sure what you’re asking here, if you need to go double then do it. Put a blackspire stinger or other dual ring chainguide on there to keep the chain tight.


    I used 36/22 on a 2011 Heckler, i know its a different bike but the BB needed a 1mm shim so it did not foul the pivot, now its sorted 36/22 is the shiznit!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Just put 33t single ring on my five with 11-36 cassette.

    I can climb everything I used to with a 22-36 double. Faster too as I can’t take the lazy option and gently spin anymore.


    i`m with jam bo, 33t single is about spot on with 11-36 cassette
    22t granny??? …no no no!!
    26/36 is a way better option


    Hi thinking of using a slx double ring 36/22 any help on this would be gratefull just bought a Santa cruz butcher but require more gears for climbing bellow is the spec I am running at the moment. I’m looking at various options as I’m new to all this any advice would be great cheers. Mech XT 10sp med cage
    Chain XT 10sp
    Cassette XT 11-36T 10sp
    Chain ring E13 34T
    Crank arms XT. Thanks for your time guys 😉


    Cheers guys

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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