Santa Cruz bearing replacement

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  • Santa Cruz bearing replacement
  • I’m looking at possibly buying a Santa Cruz frame. The shop who I’m buying it off is miles away from where I live so I can’t exactly pop down to get pick up a set of bearings. how does the bearing replacement scheme actually work? Do I contact the shop where I buy the frame to supply the bearings or do I contact Santa Cruz direct? What are people’s experiences of this. Do Santa Cruz or the shop need proof that the bearings are worn or do they trust the owners judgement?

    I know this is a minor quibble when buying a high end bike but I’d like to know the process before committing.




    Fill in the form here:

    …and include proof of purchase. A complete set of bearings arrive a couple of days later. Never had to answer any questions about whether they need doing – I guess if you’re asking every month, they’ll probably ask a few more questions!

    The bearing warranty does not include labour, so either you’ll need to pay an LBS to do it, or learn to do it yourself (it’s a surprisingly easy job to do – just make sure you have a kettle of boiling water to hand!)

    My TB2 CC is on it’s 3rd full set – the uppers last about one year, the lowers at least two (they have grease ports which really helps the longevity). Takes me an hour or so to do uppers and lowers – longer if I’m cleaning it up as I go. I now do it routinely as part of the Spring service, so the bike is in bits anyway.

    Nice one mate cheers for that.


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    DIY, you may get on with the Santa Cruz removal tool, or you may find like me that it’s shit and go buy a set of slide hammer bearing pullers off ebay.

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    Or, if you’re handy enough to remove the linkages then you could post them to a dealer – we’d (18 Bikes) certainly be happy to just replace the bearings that way.

    Bearings can be done via the dealer, or direct with Jungle.

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