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  • eBay / sell them on here? You might lose a few quid, but it’s better than nowt.

    Did you open all the cards to try them?


    Despite what their T&C actually say they should refund you

    Look at the top of page 28

    Premier Icon GrahamS


    Not got any other cameras they will work in? e.g. compact camera?

    Did you open all of them?


    Why will they not work? Becasue your GPS will not accept SDHC? Will the cards work in, say, a camera?


    They do not work in either the Contour or the GoPro, looks like a problem with the Sandisk Ultra Cards.

    I opened all of them, to check the cards were not faulty…

    They are quoting to me, despite saying what iamsporticus said…

    Unfortunately as stated on our returns policy, we are unable to accept the return of a non-faulty item if the packaging has been opened

    I have no idea what to do..

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    I’m sure that distance selling regulations mean they must refund you.
    How on earth are you supposed to find out if they work without opening the packaging.

    I’d email them asking that question and saying that you’re happy to claim the refund plus costs through the small claims court having informed trading standards.

    If quote from section 3.40 in the doc that iamsporticus linked to

    However, if the consumer has done no more than examine the
    goods as they would have in a shop and if that requires opening
    the packaging and trying out the goods then they would not have
    breached their duty to take reasonable care of the goods.

    Having a set of Terms and conditions doesn’t mean they can ignore their legal obligation.


    Well, AIUI, not all devices can use cards bigger than 16(?) Gb, so maybe that includes your GPS?

    EDIT: Apparently there is a known issue with SanDisk Ultra:–will-the-sandisk-ultra-sdhc-work-in-my-camera-

    Anyway – if they really are useless for you I will take one off your hands for a suitable price (with no-quibbles return, of course 🙂 ).

    (p.s. – surely no shop would allow you to open a SD card package to try it out?)


    Right, finally sending them back for a credit, but still think they will try and wiggle out of it.

    The Sandisk Ultra’s do not work in the Contour or the GoPro, both can use cards upto 32gb and I have been using them fine. I have tested a few other cards all of which work, put the Ultra’s in and it’s like there isn’t a memory card in them. They do however work in my photo camera, but I don’t fill a 8gb card, let alone 3x 32Gb cards!

    Graham, I tried to format them for about 4 hours the other night.

    Thanks for the quotes guys, I’ll try and get my money back, and I don’t mind going to small claims over it either. 😉

    So next question…

    Where to buy 32Gb Micro SDHC Cards, minimum of class 6? Any recommendations!?


    So I bought 3x 32Gb Sandisk Ultra cards..

    I have now found out that they will not work in my ContourGPS. Mymemory will not accept the returns, as they say the cards are not faulty. This was what they said:

    Unfortunately we are unable to accept the return of non-faulty items if the packaging has been opened

    If they have been opened, we are unfortunately unable to accept their return.

    Where do I stand on this? At the moment I have 3x cards that are useless…?


    Bought mine for £16.99. Cant see the current price as work appears to be doing some sort of blocking.

    Anyway, I’m using it for storage on an Android tablet. I haven’t tested the read/write speeds though.


    Ummm … MyMemory have a soecial offer on Transcend right now ….


    Damn, if I had £50 spare at the mo’ I’d take them off your hands.

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