San Marino (Rivington) yesterday – first time in 10 years!

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  • San Marino (Rivington) yesterday – first time in 10 years!
  • Junkyard

    been glorious out there for the last few weeks

    Doing it tomorrow and great hill


    Being midweek I had the descent to myself. Now aged 70 I’m a bit slower on the downhills. Loved every minute of the ride down to Belmont. The stones are very loose due to the dryness & had the odd twitchy moment!

    Premier Icon tish

    Love San Marino, hope I’m still doing it at 70!

    Can someone tell me how to find this route? Can find my way to the old tower and not sure after that.


    the old tower – pigeon tower i assume you mean – head along georges lane – the cobbled road – past the pike and keep going options are

    turn left after the kennels – push up first bit then ride to road then up to mast and it on the right at the corner after the mast – road goes to the left and a gate on your right = san marino

    go past kennels as it goes down hill on the right hand corner there is a gate and you can ride that up to the mast road and as above

    keeping going on georges lane till you hit tarmac then take the left hand turn up the mast road

    It starts here,414662&st=4&ar=y&mapp=idld.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=757&ax=366302&ay=414662&lm=0

    Options are ride back up it or ride up the road to the other end of georges lane [ personally i would not do that on a sunday as[ some of] the motorbikers are nobbers on the roads

    It used be called back of the mast. Ride up to and past the mast which will be on your left, either across Wilders Moor or the access road (not supposed to ride up either). You’ll see a gate on the right and that’s it, will take you all the way down to Belmont. Rivington road is one way back but just note it is a fairly tough slog.

    A more tricky descent from the mast is left at the end and down to Hordern Stoops.

    Good point about the traffic at the weekend!

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