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    I am here for 3 days and have done no research as to what to do. Can the great hive mind give me some ideas please?Food, activities and drinking are all useful thanks all!

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    paste the following into google: san francisco

    have a good time

    (wear something warm/windproof if you go to alcatraz)


    Went ther 20 years ago on honeymoon, and going back in 3 weeks for a two week vacation.
    Fishermans Wharf – meh
    Marin County / Mount Tamalpas
    Oakland – nip in and say hello to the founding chapter of the Hells Angels
    Many great restaurants
    There is a big bridge near-by, which is worth a visit
    The build up to The America’s Cup
    Mosie down to Santa Cruz and chill out wit the surfing dudes.
    Get up early – hire a car and drive to Yosemite

    I take it Google is blocked where you are?


    Go see the folk at Roaring Mouse down on the Presidio and have a unusual view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


    Go see a Giants game if you can but if you’re new to baseball, try to find someone to explain what’s going on. I took a colleague there and despite his protests that it was “only rounders”, by the end of the game he was hooked and bought tickets for two more games while we were there.

    It’s a really walkable city too so don’t feel obliged to use public transport. I walked from downtown, through chinatown and back to my hotel near fisherman’s wharf.

    Go down to the Mission district for burritos and bikes or if you can, rent a bike and see it all from the saddle.


    Go to the Stinking Rose for dinner.

    Oysters at the Cliff House.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Hire a bike, over the golden gate, first left once across and up a steep road to Hawk hill and some brilliant views of the bridge and the whole bay..

    Sorry for the selfiebut the picture taken at the top was so good we framed it..


    These threads make me sad. I used to live there 🙁

    great place and left for many reasons I am beginning to forget why.

    Premier Icon althepal

    My fave US city organic. I can only sympathise..


    Its weird I have been there about 10 times and never stayed for more than a few hours. Just circumstances, everytime I have been there has left some incredible memories, cycling over Goldengate, my first Buritto down in the Mission district, seeing Soul Asylum playing at Rought Trade records they were billed as the next Husker Du out of Minneapolis they werent 😆

    Actually that is wrong I stayed in a crappy motel in the Sunset area and was “entertained” by at least 3 men rutting furiously in the adjoining room. Terrifying 😯


    Chinatown for food.
    Hang off the side of a tram.

    We did a helicopter ride over and under the bridge. Best way to see the whole city. Loved the place.

    Get up early, wear comfy shoes and make to most of your stay.

    Trams are a must, obviously. Over to Aquatic Park for Irish coffee at the Buena Vista.

    Chinatown is pretty good, but choose carefully, as with all other Chinatowns!

    Premier Icon deadslow

    …be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 😀

    Berkeley is worth a visit. I went to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory as well – yum!

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    I was in SF last week and ate at the Stinking Rose on Columbus. Good restaurant shout. Also the Coit Tower is worth a view. I watched the Americas cup yachts playing in the bay from there. Then the other suggestions are good.

    hire a bike – there’s a laundrette on lombard street that has a tiny bike hire shop attached to it, cheaper than anywhere else to rent from and the same quality bikes. go riding, ride over the bridge, ride around golden gate park or whatever tis called, ride around the coast from the bridge to get into the park, back through and around the city…. mrsconsequence and i rode about 30miles doing that and never got bored 🙂


    If you like seafood, try Scomas on Pier 47. They have their own boat to catch their fish.

    Premier Icon steveoath

    Book alcatraz in advance if you fancy it.

    Also Beach Blanket Babylon is great. Mrs Oath booked it when we were on honeymoon, I was sceptical but was a great night.

    SF is the best… I just went skating. Wishing I’d had more time there but it was a skate trip and as such was entirely spent visiting skate spots.

    Trams are a must, obviously.

    They are but try and talk to the driver, one we had told us a lot about them and was incredibly enthusiastic – he recommended the cable car museum where the cables are run from. Not big but it’s on a cable car route anyway so you can just hop off.
    If you head over to Sausalito (nice bike ride over the bridge), try to find the bay area tidal model, very cool. ferry trip back is good as well
    Alcatraz is a must. Sadly deceased now, but I met a former inmate (Darwin Coon) who was one of the last inmates transferred out.

    Rent a car and do the 49 mile scenic drive.

    Great way to see the city in a day.

    49 mile drive


    Really friendly place.

    Went to a working mans pub in the Castro area. What a friendly bunch of guys I met.


    Hire a 1968 Mustang and go on an imaginary high speed car chase.

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