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  • Samsung S3 / S4 mounted to your bike?
  • kedmun

    I love this for my phone;

    I use it for exploring OS maps on my phone when I’m MTBing. My S3 fits in nice and snug as well as space for spare inner tube/multi tool/tube patches etc. The only thing you might find with it is that you have to look down quite a bit to see the screen – it’s not as easy to view the screen as a mount above the handlebars. You can still use the phones touch screen too and I’d say it’s shower proof, but have taken the phone out in torrential rain.

    For a bigger phone I’d get the next model up, Navigator III


    I considered it when I lost my polar but battery life is the problem – I use sports-tracker to log my rides just because I’ve used it for a while – like strava I think its runs without the screen on so battery life is ok for say a 6hr ride and you can look at average speed etc afterwards – anything that means having the screen on will show how unsmart these phones are

    The more I think about shelling out lots of hard earned on a GPS for my bike, the more I think why don’t I just use my mobile?

    I can use Strava or Endemondo to do much the same right?

    Only really want to know distance, current & average speed.

    Anyone do this already?

    What mount should I go for? – Loads on eBay……


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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