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  • Sam Hill Impact: Really better in wet?
  • jwray


    Looking for real world experience of the current Sam Hill Impact shoes. They claim they are more water resistant and faster drying. But is that a UK view of the world, or a CA one?

    I like them as riding shoes but they were sponges. Anyone any experience with the current models?


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    Dunno about those, but I’d recommend the Freerider EPS. They’re quite different to the normal Freeriders, stiffer and more protection.

    Did a blog on them the other day…

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    Sort of similarly I’d recommend the Freerider Element- the EPS is way warmer but nothing like as good in the wet imo.

    Not got first hand experience of these, but Specialized 2FO are really quick drying if that’s what you are after? Great shoes.


    they are much better but way heavier than I remember, I don’t wear mine much. Freerider Pro’s work for me although holes in the toes.


    Simply yes there are better and tested in the UK and compared previous versions.
    I had the previous set (white and green ish colour ones) and the new set for a while now. I am not sure they are more resistant to water but they do dry and lot a quicker and don’t get as heavy when wet which helps with drying speed. From speaking to the five ten guys they have replaced the material in between the sole and insert from card board to something else which is the main improvement along with other material changes.


    Thanks all.

    I have some freerider elements – about done though – and I prefer the riding platform of the old impacts. But of course the wet behaviour of the elements is better. Was wondering if the new sam hill’s will give me both.

    Don’t really suffer from warmth issues. I’d just like the shoes to be more or less dry the morning after and not too heavy after getting a soaking.

    Conflicting opinions above, but from what Leon says I might give them a go.



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