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  • Salsa Woodsmoke tyre and BB height help
  • nowad
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    Long story as short as possible.
    Wife needs new bike. 5ft 1 and 27 max inside leg so needs to be XS.
    Nothing new about. Nothing coming. Needs to be under 12kg all up.
    General use is XC fire road and local roads and we tour a little to Holland and UK.
    Salsa woodsmoke ideal size, weight is good and comes 27.5 wheel but sits on 2.6 inch rubber standard. Current owner fitted 3 inch.. I want to reduce the tyre size to eliminate the drag and weight of the plus size.
    Current crank arm tip to floor is 125 mm on 3 inch rubber as owner upped it from 2.6 inch.
    3inch rubber at 22 psi with rider.
    2.2 inch rubber at 28 psi with rider.
    Ride height difference any ideas.
    Will it work?
    Will it just look bloody stupid?
    Shall probably wait till stock arrives next year.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Can you still buy a woodsmoke? There was one on ebay recently I think.

    Surly also available in small sizes but a KM might breach the weight limit.

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    Fit shorter cranks if you think it will be a problem. It’s only a few mm at best. If it’s only for fire roads and tarmac then it’s really not going to be a problem.

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    I did a measure up of OD 27.5 2.3 Vs 27.5 2.8 Vs 29 2.3 iirc.

    A search might find the results. From memory it’ll be about 10mm at the axle.

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    Hi Johnny. No now finished but this one is 2nd hand. Still on Ebay and at 2.2k it’s lumpy for sure.
    I did think that Scot on the cranks. If it was £1500 for example then I wouldn’t have too much issue. Doesn’t help rhe bike is 200 miles away either so trying to do some leg work 1st.
    My guess is the same Del. Makes it 110 mm at the crank tip which is low.
    I’m really stuck on this one.
    I don’t have an issue on the cost of it but I will if rhe Mrs doesn’t like it as I would imagine I’m the only person in the UK at the moment looking to buy it so it will never resell.
    This search has been dragging on for a year now, I should have just ordered a Scott or Cube who both do a descent XS but won’t see any stock until March 2023 due to new model release.

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    is 110mm low? a stumpjumper (picked at random) has a 330mm bb height static. sagged by 60mm, that’s 270mm, with 175mm cranks that’s 95mm. And that’s designed for riding over lumpy rocks and roots. A 110mm tip height on the kinda stuff a salsa is designed for is completely fine.

    Full Member brand new alternate?

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    5lab. Good info and thanks for that. I haven’t been able to find anything rhat low so it does put it back as an option. Thanks also for rhe ribble info. Its kne of the rands I hadn’t looked at. Needs to be mtb though but will look at rhe options later.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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