Salsa Vayaists, show me how you fitted your mudguard stays around BB7s

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  • Salsa Vayaists, show me how you fitted your mudguard stays around BB7s
  • mcmoonter

    I started building up my Vaya this afternoon.

    I’m trying to reuse the SKS mudguards I had on another frame. I have about an inch of stay to create a bend to accommodate the front BB7 caliper. Any pictures would be helpful too.

    Cheers MC


    I forgot to add, I’m using a Tubus Tara rack too.

    I found this solution on mtbr. Is there any reason it wont work? I could attatch the stays to the spare holes on the top rack mount.

    Premier Icon sheck

    I used the low rider mounts like you found on mtbr… Seems fine after a couple of months


    I just popped up to the shed to check, it looks as though the mounting bracket will foul the pannier hook.

    I should be able to bend the stay around the caliper, but I suspect the stay will not be long enough.

    Does anyone have a spare set of front uncut mudguard stays?

    EDIT – I managed to find them online for a couple of quid each, so I have four goes at getting it right. 😀

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Use some of these on my day 1 disc – work really well:

    North Shore Billet fender mounts


    No pics but I bent the lower part of the SKS stay (uncut, I had a spare) below the caliper and back up to the guard. It fitted fine. I’m liking that lowrider mounts idea though!

    EDIT: actually it’s the upper part of the stay. Found a pic but it’s not online. Happy to email it to you though.


    Can you attach it (NDS) to the upper disk calliper mount?

    I fitted the caliper with a stainless stud (cut off bolt) and nut, leaving enough stud to mount the mudgaurd. Also needed to cut and bend the mudgaurd mount (including a dog leg).

    If I can work out how to add a photo, I will!

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    It’s not a Vaya but…

    … the DC17 forks on my Amazon has fender mounts on the inside at exactly that point. Works a treat.

    2010-04-13 23-45-11 by ScotRoutes, on Flickr

    BB5 not BB7, but I think the mounting is the same.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    I’ll throw some pics up when I’m home tomorrow..


    Would something like this work

    It does on my pro 6 and I’m fairly certain you could find something in a DIY shed that would serve the purpose

    I use mine on the forks of a pompetamine.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Not a salsa vaya but i also had a similar prob fitting the SKS mudguards to my Kinesis trimester, a few careful bends with the aid of a vice, a round bar and a hammer managed to get the stays to clear the brake calliper.


    I did what druid did.

    Before he did it obviously.


    On my Norco Indie Drop (similar fork) I had the same issue, just mounted them to the inboard mid-fork eyelets, never had a problem. Also leaves the outer eyelets free to mount the Tara rack.

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