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  • Salsa Cowbell 2 or alternative ?
  • Premier Icon kcal

    I like them for both rough ground and mild touring. Can be a bit open-fronted (in that you feel you’re not getting much of a tuck) but the flipside is that less risk of cracking knees off bar ends..

    Seem sturdy enough for me grabbing at them and a couple of crashes and topples.


    I love the position on mine, still very ‘road’ but with enough flare to remove wrist knock and add a touch more control when descending in the drops, really lets me loosen up compared to feeling tight on normal road bars.

    One thing though, they do seem very stiff, definitely need extra padding under the tapes IME.

    anyone got thoughts / experience / comments ?

    Looking to replace a set of FSA compacts on my Tripster ATR.

    TIA 😀

    toby mc

    I second what Stato said. Great position on the descents – I’ve double taped mine. Plush!

    Premier Icon kcal

    DSP tape here, does the job pretty well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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