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  • pjbarton

    I know there’s some experts on here from a previous thread.

    I’ve had a few cheap safety (double edged blade jobbys) razors from the super Market. Love them but they don’t last forever and people want to buy prezzies this time of year.

    So, three piece like my cheap one. Or butterfly, tempted but is the head a bit bulky on these designs?

    Appreciate any advice, it’s a bewildering array of choice!

    merkur do a good adjustable one for about £45-£50, much better than the cheep one I had from Boots, although similar technique required as the angle to the skin was much more accute you couldn’t just rely on the weight of the razor.

    Tried using the same (sharper/more expensive) blades in the cheep one a few months back and it cut my face to pieces which is something to bear in mind, you can get away with much sharper blades and hence a much better shave with the better razors.

    Ho hum

    What is your budget?

    The Muhle R106 is a decent razor and quite easy to shave with:

    Quite a few of them share the same head:

    Ho hum

    Also, don’t discount the old vintage razors.

    I am really getting a damn fine shave out of my old Gillette Slim adjustable and you could buy one that has been cleaned and replated already clicky

    If by merkur, you’re referring to the futur, the head is huge and getting properly close shaved under the nose is a bit tricky. lovely razor though (in my notoriously tasteless opinion)

    i’ve also got an old gillette superspeed which is butterfly opening and very dinky. not as close a shave as the merkur though.


    Thanks for the tips chaps. Budget, £20-30 I suppose – a ‘I’d never get round to it bit an ideal gift’ kin a way.

    I have another cheapy which is an all plastic wilkinson sword – big chubby head that’s tricky under the nose.

    I fancy the butterfly only for the action – the gadget / engineer in me!

    Big hands also, long handle?

    Ho hum

    pjbarton – Member

    I personally don’t like them. Not sure why, but I don’t. I do have 4 TTO razors, but they are vintage Gillette ones.


    that budget should see you ok for a reasonable gillette superspeed on fleabay. i doubt you’ll find anything better for the money, short’ish handle though

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