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  • Premier Icon steveoath

    General goto on here is the Charge Spoon. (Or variants from the same factory i.e. Gusset R Series, madison flux).


    Recently went Charge Spoon…cheapo Wiggle deal. Really rate it.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    Spoon can be had for £20ish and is reasonably comfortable.

    Problem is that saddles are a bit personal choice, and what works for me might not for you. I’d like to have a go on an Ergon saddle when my current perch wears out, though.


    Just picked up myself a new hardtail, now I’ve always ran Fizik Gobi’s before but i’m looking to replace the current standard saddle and i’m willing to look elsewhere.

    Is there anything else I should be looking for?

    I use a WTB Silverado, I really like it, very comfortable.

    SDG Bel air is comfiest for me and usually what I always get. I did have a go on a mates bike with a charge spoon on it over the weekend and it felt ok actually, my bel air is scuffed through on one corner and needs replacing and the spoon is a lot cheaper.

    Premier Icon madhouse

    Fellow Gobi fan here, in the spirit of ‘if it ain’t broke’ I’d get another one and stop worrying about what to swap it for.


    Didn’t get on with the Gobi even after 6 months.
    Replaced it with a WTB Volt that suits my butt really well.

    Went from the gobi xm, to a wtb devo. It was ok, nothing brilliant. After a year I went back to the gobi, it felt like sitting back in a favourite armchair, everything seemed to fit perfectly. Won’t be changing anytime soon.


    Best saddles i’ve used are Prologo Nago, Charge spoon and SDG bel-air. Tried loads of others and these have been the best for me.


    Mess with saddles at your peril! Worth popping down the LBS to see if they have some test saddles you could try. For what it’s worth, mines a Gobi.


    i like spoons, but for the last couple of years both bikes have got spesh phenom experts. Correct width for me(sat on a BG arse o meter) and brilliant for miles/long days.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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