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  • crikey

    Barrier creams tend be reeled out for the torrential diarrhoea folk, although the flexiseal ( is a godsend, but yes, moisturising healthy but potentially at risk skin is all the rage.

    Is it a kind of folliculitis do you think? if so, maybe some hair removing thing?

    Not folleculitis I ain't a hairy type.

    s'funny – nowhere I work are any creams used on healthy but at risk skin. Care of elderly and rehab. Actively discouraged unless incontinent due to risk of pore clogging. Is this a general thing or is it one of those ITU oddities 😉 I used to work in ITU and they had all sorts of odd practices without rationale. Not saying this is but I wonder.

    I shall investigate this one further


    It's from the horses mouth, if I'm allowed to call our Consultant nurse in Tissue Viability a horse….

    …and yes, I do have that ITU nurse scepticism regarding any specialist nurse, but it does seem to help in my experience.

    I'm still trying to work out why it should be a problem suddenly; you've not put on weight at all? I'm thinking pilonidal sinus-ey but in a different fold…

    several different sites on both sides so not a sinus, not much weight increase, I'm stumped as well.


    Tandem Jeremey, i had a Pilondial abcess, and its not nice, had an incision about 4 inches long and an inch deep according to the nurses who came every day for 7 weeks to pack it and clean it.

    Got told by a few nurses and a female freind who had a few that they can spread under the skin, and pop out at various places, can be caused by poor diet ,stress and anaemia, all things i had at the time.

    As for pictures, its a bit difficult,due to location,and nobody wants to be the photographer.

    Project – ta and I feel your pain but it deffo ain't one.


    Heres some pictures, open with care as they contain naked flesh.

    thankfully they where are not of me.


    PFB Vanish is worth a go, it helps keep the sores away. I also use antibacterial washing solution in the wash with the detergent, also called Vanish but a completely different company.
    I use Assos Mille bib shorts. Euro Style Chamois Buttr and all this helps along with washing and changing straight after a ride.

    I used to use Endura Singletrack baggies with a padded liner – I was riding my full sus at the time and I used to regularly get sores. I now have some Raha bibs and ride a fully rigid bike and I’ve never had a problem. I don’t use any creams either.

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    Holy dead thread batman!


    I’m not sure jonb wants reminding of his infected hairy ass 😉


    Holy dead thread batman!

    Well, what better time for a zombie thread than 31st October?


    EDIT: Just poured my heart out about ‘lumps down there’, before spotting the thread was a year old and everyone has moved on. I’ll save it for the next time it comes up – the topic not my lump.

Viewing 12 posts - 46 through 57 (of 57 total)

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