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  • Sad news – RIP Messiah
  • tang

    That’s terribly sad news. Too young.

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    RIP fella.

    Never met him but he always seemed a good bloke. Thought with his family and friends.

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    So sad.


    RIP Brian.

    Never met you in person but shared a lot of emails,usually involving Nicolai bikes.

    Will miss those emails.

    Thoughts go out to his family.

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    R.I.P my thoughts are with everyone affected.

    I guess most of us on here are around the same age as Brian but I bet not many of us have done as much as he did.

    I didn’t know him, but its tragic losing anyone.

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    @messiah was only someone I knew from the forums here, I remember well his enthusiasm on stw and from the Trans Savoie videos. We read much these days about life expectancy running into oir 80’s and 90’s but not everyone is so lucky. Such sad news to hear of his passing and it serves as a reminder to us all to love what we do and do what we love. It’s traditional to say rest in peace but in Brian’s case rest didn’t appear to be in his vocabulary, ride on.

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    This is a bit of a shock. I met and rode with Brian only a few times over the years. Really nice guy. He’ll be missed up here.


    Sad sad news, far too young to die..RIP


    Sorry to hear this sad news. My sympathies to his family but if there is any silver lining to his death it is that he died doing something he loved.

    Blimey, sad news. Thoughts to all friends and family …


    It sucks. Brian was a cracking lad. Full of life and enthusiasm. a hard rider, destroyer of bikes and a proper bike geek. We spent many hours on the phone and emails talking bikes. More so recently as he was looking forward to his new 29er.

    RIP Brian. My thoughts are with your wife and 2 young kids 🙁

    I’d like to echo what most have said on here…I only met him a few times when in bikes shops on the east coast and we always had a blether/geek chat..very decent chap…rip dude


    I never met him, but from all the comments a lovely chap

    Far too young

    R. I. P.

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    Just found this from seeing hoops’ new thread
    Agreed, he seemed like a massively enthusiastic and genuine bloke

    I’ll raise a glass and maybe even do a bit of pedalling in his honour this weekend

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    Funeral service at Aberdeen Crematorium (West Chapel), on Thursday, March 20, at 10.25a.m., to which all friends are respectfully invited. No need to wear black. Family flowers only please but donations may be given, if so desired, at the crematorium door for the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research.


    Ride in peace fella. Too young. Thoughts with you and yours… 🙁 T

    Another 43 year old here, never knew the bloke but heart goes out to his family and friends. Makes you think about life.

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    Sad news, I never knew him but it sounds like I’ve missed out. He looks like a great laugh from the photos posted.

    Ride well in mountain bike heaven ( a bit like the Alps in summer, probably )

    Blimey, only just seen this.

    Never met him, or spoke to him, but the wave of opinion can’t be wrong and it seems the MTB community, his family and friends have all lost one of the good guys.

    As quite an antagonistic (at times) character myself, it’s quite humbling to read about someone who sounds like he never did anything but make people happy and just came across as a really nice guy – undeniably reflected in the words that people have to say about him.

    43 myself in September – makes you realise how short life is and how much difference you make to people if you bring some good vibes with you wherever you go.

    Next ride is for you Messiah


    For those who can make the funeral on Thursday. A note from Brians wife, this is a celebration of his life. Brian was rather informal at the best of times. So Bike Jerseys, hawaiian shirts, hideous brown jumpers are all good!

    Our riding group will all be sporting out new strips, shame he never got to wear or see them, but we have his name on our backs. I have the novelty of carrying him up all the hills this time.

    And Sunday past was an informal gathering in the forest, 24 riders turned up. More than i think i have ever seen. The occasion was on everyone’s mind, the weather was frankly stunning, there will be many many more rides doing what we all love where he will always be remembered.

    and never take yourself too seriously…

    Big thanks to Ali and Serena, love what you have done on your facebook page.
    That picture is Brian, superb 🙂

    Lastly, and i hate naming names, can I use this to pass word to mr. Deas.

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    Wow. Awful news and particularly so with a young family.

    RIP chap

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    Really sad to read this on so many fronts. Condolences to family and friends.


    Such a fit young bloke too. Very very sad.

    God bless.

    RIP Messiah. Peace.


    Sad news 🙁

    Had the pleasure of meeting and racing alongside Messiah several times at Glencoe and Fort William.
    Just like the photos, beaming smile and happy nature, a pleasure to be around him.

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    Condolences to family and friend, an awful shame so young

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    I never knew him but did enjoy his advice and posts

    Thoughts are with all his friends and family

    Some solace in the fact he was doing what he loved – RIP Messiah!

    Truly saddened by this. Never met him, but made a superb contribution on here and he obviously enjoyed his riding.
    My love and condolences to those he left behind.


    To all those at ST towers, a thanks from Messiah’s wife and boys for the … and dedicated to Brian Goldsworthy

    She and the boys were ‘Totally blown away’

    Also a thanks to the big showing from the bike community, Brian would have hated the fussed but be secretly chuffed. Leaving the crem listening to Ace of Spades with tears rolling down my face was a beautiful and sad day all at the same time.

    However watch this space two mini messiahs who were up late at night afterwards asked if they could go to the skatepark on the BMX’s the next day… like father…

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