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  • Sad news – RIP Messiah
  • Exchanged a few emails with him and rode with him once – Ben MacDui from Linn of Dee taking in the Loch Etchachan descent. By a long way the fittest and most talented rider I have been out with. On top of that, just a thoroughly decent guy, always helpful and so passionate about mountain biking

    Heartfelt condolances to his family. A great loss. RIP Brian


    Dreadfully sad news 🙁


    RIP Messiah.

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    Awh, shit….

    Seems a strange way to find out, here I mean.

    Only a casual acquaintance last time I bumped into would have been in the Stoney bike shop… (Known him since Alpine days). A destroyer of frames/bikes!

    A sad loss to this forum. Actually knew what he was talking about, unusually!

    Thoughts are with his family. RIP Brian.

    What terrible news. I didn’t know messiah personally but benefitted from his posts on various forums, particularly regarding routes in the north east. If you wanted info on any dodgy looking path up the side of a munro he was the man! What a loss to his family, friends and mountain biking. RIP.


    Here’s hoping the day was sunny and he was on ‘cheeky’ trails around the Stoney mast enjoying it to the full.

    Deepest sympathies to the family and friends.

    RIP messiah


    RIP BG. Top bloke, true gentleman and one of the best riders I had the pleasure of knowing over the last 20 years or so.
    You’ll be sadly missed by all the Fetty boys.

    Totally gutted.


    RIP – far too young to ride to the other side. Condolences to family and friends.

    Very sad news.Condolances to his family and freinds.RIP young man.


    Such sad news – only new him from on here, but this has really hit home for me. Makes you realise what a “community” this is.

    Deepest condolences to his family – hopefully they can draw some comfort from these message showing what high esteem relative strangers held him in.

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    Condolences to his family and friends. very sad.


    Nobody else I’d rather have been thrown out of an Exploited/UK Subs gig with (before either got on stage). Nobody else I’d rather jump off dam walls in the south of France with. Nobody else I’d rather find declining a race through the wee park at the back of his house, with him on my newly purchased full-suspension ride – a Mk1 Moulton. Nobody else I’d rather be having a wee nip by a campfire with this evening. A loss to all. Love to all.


    The shock for his family and those who knew him will be devastating and my sincere heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers are for you. He will undoubtedly rest in peace and love.


    Never met the guy but he’s been helping me ( and others) with my proposed next bike build (carbine 29) always gave good advice based on facts and experience (light bicycle wheels etc etc) no “you must buy this cos I did” input at all.

    He’ll be sadly missed….big love to his family


    oh my god so sad. met him at glentress a good few years ago 🙁

    Mrs Toast

    So sad, condolences to his family and friends.

    Very sad – I enjoyed his banter on here. Condolences to friends and family. 🙁

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    That’s awful.

    Condolences to all who knew him.

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    Sad news. Condolences to friends and family who might be reading this.


    Thats awful, he was a cracking lad the couple of times I met him,and anytime I spoke to him on here.

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    I only met him once many years ago riding the Darkside Gap Jump at Mabie Forest. Since then, I’ve always enjoyed picking his brain online about wilderness trails in the north east. He had a terrific knowledge of trails around that neck of the woods and was always willing to help out. Whenever a thread would come up about Scottish trails, he’d pop up with some brilliant local knowledge. I owe him no small debt of thanks for the trails he’s pointed me in the direction of over the years.

    I’m absolutely gutted for him and his family. Very, very sad to hear this awful news.

    Brian – you may be gone but you won’t be forgotten.


    A very sad day ,far too young to go. RIP.


    Never met him and never spoke to him but the overwhelming sentiment on here and the pics that have been posted make him out to have been a cracking lad who’ll be sorely missed by all that new him. Such a shame. And a proper mountain biker too!

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    Met him and spoke on last year’s Trans-Savoie and I’m shocked to hear the news, he seemed a great bloke and a real lover of mountain biking. Condolences to his family and friends at this sad time.

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    Condolences and thoughts to you the family and friends, no age to leave this planet. Im sure his life touched many a person.


    Awful news. Thoughts are with his family and friends


    Really sad to here the news , i had the privelige of riding with Brian a couple of years ago and he is one on the most talented riders i have ever been up the cairngorms with.
    R.I.P. big man ……i will be riding today with your memory


    Rest in Peace Sir. My thoughts are with your family and friends


    RIP. Thoughts to family and friends

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    RIP Messiah. Didn’t know him personally but did have a few conversations with him, he popped over to Retrobike quite often. One thing you could tell was how much he loved his bikes and biking, my thoughts are with his family and friends.


    Terrible news and far too young to go. Looks like a guy who loved his bikes and lived life to the fullest. Thoughts are with all the people that knew him.

    Does anyone know what actually happened to him?

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    Very shocked by this, I shared a couple of hours riding with him at last years Tran-Savoie and was expecting to meet him again this year, a very kind and knowledgeable guy, a sad loss indeed, condolences to your family and friends.

    Omar Little

    Sad news, RIP


    What a shame, best wishes to his family and friends.

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    This is tragic & very sad indeed. I enjoyed his presence here. I am his age and can but imagine how friends and family are feeling. Warm wishes to you.


    Awful. Just tragic! Sincere wishes to all his family & friends x


    folks the replies are overwhelming and very welcomed.
    We passed this link to his family, I am sure they will be humbled by the warmth that is being extended by everyone he influenced.

    I need to tell Ali at TransSavoie as well. Brian, myself and another of our number all entered the Trans Savoie last year, i made the reserve list but not the race. Brian spent ages talking me into me into it this year again, i came up with excuses which feel so false on hindsight, i cant express how much i want to do this… oh man, wiping tears again.

    We were half way through having new strips for the riding group, had these accelerated and final designs came out last night. He will be immortalised on jerseys and come riding with us and be in our memories even more.

    Planning some big hil rides, all the big hill rides he loved so dearly over the course of this year, no excuses! He would ride in any weather, infact i dont think he ever noticed the weather!

    Once again, thanks folks


    It’s all been said, rest in peace dude.


    its waking up on mornings like today, spring, temperature in the teens beautiful view of the mountains i wait for the first SMS message or email of the day from any of the maniacs. 99% of the time would be Brian. saying ‘nice day’… then you know what would follow. ‘Fancy taking a meeting?” Which meant, my bikes in the car/van lets got play on clachers/millstone/bennachie/macdui/nagar.. ‘ take your pick.

    Its a common love and appreciation we all have, days like this make me apprecaite everything more.

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