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  • Sad confessions.
  • Maybe I had it wrong all these years and the rhyme goes; See I have a rhyme assisting, my feeble brain its tasks resisting?

    Sorry gramps 😳


    I own the 12″ extended mix of “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive. And I like it.

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    Yes, that’s how I know it coolhandluke – but some places have it as

    3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693 6 993751058209749445 which is a bit odd. I also need to round my last digit to a 6 it seems, or remember one more number!

    I count stairs in multiples of twos. If I don’t do it, I get anxious. The best stairs go One, two, one, two, one, two, one. If there’s a step left over, I get anxious.

    Kinky here Clicky click linky link

    Is disappoint 😡

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    The volume on the TV/radio etc has to be a multiple of either 2 or 5.


    I know all the words to ice ice baby… Much to the amusements of my colleagues when I decided to opt for this at an Xmas party karoke.
    It is possible to looks whiter and stupider than vanilla ice.

    Also know all the words to the fresh prince theme and hammer time.
    considering most of these songs were released before I was born and I don’t like rap is odd I remember these over songs I actually like…

    Also I am currently wearing nija turtle pants… But that’s a story for another thread


    I’ve taken home, not 1 but 2 ladies who turned out to have been born with nudgers. One of them got me into bed before I started to suspect.

    I dunno, perhaps I’m crap at noticing or something.

    Athgray…Heroes in a half-shell, on a mission, when there’s a battle got the enemies wishin’ that they’d stayed at home instead of fighting, these ninja turtles that move like lightening

    Woah woah woah. It’s ‘these ninja masters with moves like lightening’.

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    I enjoyed ‘Marley and Me’ and have watched it a couple of times willingly.


    I record jeremy kyle. I’ve also applied for audience tickets.

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    I cry at the sad bits in movies

    Marley and me
    War horse
    Kick ass
    To name bit a few.

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    I have the first Tiffany album…


    I use Laithwaites for my wine purchases 🙄


    “I thought Duran Duran were ace but never admitted it then.
    They just seemed to be having a great time on the videos at the record companies expense, especially Girls on film and Rio”

    Nothing is ever at the label’s expense – it’s all taken out of your earnings.

Viewing 15 posts - 41 through 55 (of 55 total)

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