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    Hi all, I was just wondering whether anyone had been on a bike holiday / trip with Sacred Rides and if so what your experiences were. I quite like the look of their locations…particularly Guatemala!!

    Hi Lucky7500,

    I was on their Inca Trail trip in Peru earlier this year, which was epic in every sense of the word: amazing riding, good food, good company, and an awesome and authentic travel experience. There was a mixup with my hotel at the start (I booked a couple of extra nights before the trip through Sacred Rides), but they dealt with it quickly and even compensated me for the (minor) hassle.

    There was a guy on the trip who did one of their Guatemala trips. Didn’t get too many details but he spoke really highly of it.

    So far from what I’ve seen/experienced, Sacred Rides runs a pretty great outfit. I’m going to check out their Switzerland/Italy trip next – hoping to make it an annual affair if my wife will let me 🙂


    Hi guys

    Lucky, I have been looking at that Guatemala trip too. My brief look at flights didn’t prove very promising tho. Have you thought where you would fly from?


    Hi Jeff:

    I know where I would fly from (Vancouver). Do you have a few airports to choose from?


    I’d be flying from the UK. My initial (brief) look suggested I’d have to change 3 times to get to Guatemala which given our time constraints wouldn’t be all that great given time constraints etc

    I usually use cheapoair to look for flights. I’m sure you could get to Guatemala City with fewer than 3 flights.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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