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  • I have smax…..and a Thule 4 bike carrier…..it does tilt and the boot does open…..usually just take it off though as it is easier…..can get to most things without needing boot open anyway…..

    I have a hang on btw…..not sure what the code you mention is…..


    Anybody got an S Max and use a towbar bike carrier? I was looking at the thule 9403 3 bike carrier but a comment on halfords’ website states you can’t tilt and open the boot.

    What are your experiences with / recommendations for a 3 bike towbar bike carrier on an s max?



    Cheers. That’s a good point about being able to get at most things without opening the boot.

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    Not got an SMax but have a couple of MPV’s that I use a Thule Euroclassic G6 3 bike carrier with, it’s not a light carrier and they aren’t cheap. However, it feels like it will outlast me so actually isn’t very expensive per year/use over its lifetime.

    It’s been rock solid carrying bikes over hundreds of miles when on holiday and the ability to tilt it with 3 bikes mounted is joy when the car is fully loaded and you’ve forgotten to pack something or need something that isn’t easily reachable from inside the car.

    I dithered for ages over whether to buy the G6 or the 9403 given the huge price difference, but I’m glad I spent the extra. Hope that helps.


    What’s the difference? Ta.


    Just got a s-max myself and on the lookout for a towbar mounted carrier aswell. Was at the Sam houghton challenge yesterday and one of the other competitors had one of these :
    Really looked the dogs danglies, when on the rack the bikes slid well out of the way with loads of room for access to the boot. The bloke raved about his but then again at £345 I’d expect it to be good.


    I’ve tried both the Thule G6 and the Atera Strada. The nice things about the Strada are the fact that it slides, and the fact that the frame is triangular rather than square so it’s much easier to get to the boot. Given that the reason I bought the rack was the arrival of pdw jr, the ability to get the sprog chariot in and out of the boot easily with the bikes still on was quite important.

    The Strada does have one major flaw, which is that you can’t easily swap the order of the arms, which can made loading the bikes very difficult. If you’re always going to be carrying the same bikes, this might not be such a serious problem, but I could tell it was going to drive me mad so I ended up throwing even more money at the problem and getting the Strada Evo.

    If you’re looking at the Atera carriers for a car with a big tail gate, it’s worth bearing in mind that the 3 bike carriers slide further away than the 2 bike ones.

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