rust repairs and powdercoating?

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  • rust repairs and powdercoating?
  • I have a steel frame that i’m re-conditioning.
    On the top tube there’s areas of rust damage that i want to clear up – it’s not gone through the tubes at all, just pitted the surface, and only revealed itself after sand blasting.
    I’m thinking of using something like ‘liquid metal’ or car body repair filler and then sanding it down smooth.

    Does anyone know if a repair like that would stand up to powercoating?




    Best option would be to ask the powder coaters if they know of products.

    Failing that the technical information on the product may help you but my gut feel (as someone who works as a chemist in the paint industry) is that there won’t be many products that are suitable. Ambient cured systems, even 2k ones are not often stable at powdercoating temperatures. Those that are are niche products.

    What kind of depth are the pits. Powdercoat is often put on fairly thick so it may hide small imperfections.


    powdercoat will hide a mutitude of surface imperfections, its about all its good for IMHO

    Thanks both. The pitting is very shallow – less than 1mm, but probably too shallow and certainly too numerous to have a welder/brazer fill with metal, which i’ve heard is an option in some cases.
    Powdercoating isn’t the option, but it is the cheapest, but sounds like i may spray instead.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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