Rust on inner steerer tube.

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  • Rust on inner steerer tube.
  • jdwafc

    I’ve just had my voodoo upside-down and noticed rust in the steerer tube, I know its a steel tube and obviously steel rusts, but should I be concerned by the rust, the bike is less than 12mth old, why do manufacturers not bung these up, I’m not impressed.
    Any ideas what course of action to take if any, and what to use to bung this up ?

    cheers all

    ]I wouldn’t bung it up. You’ll just trap moisture in there
    TBH I’d leave it. Once a surface layer or oxide forms it should slow the process down rapidally.
    If you’re really worried you can waxoil the frame.


    Cheers for the info, if only surface rust I’ll chill now, and the moisture thing make sense.

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    wouldn’t worry, unless it looks like this:



    Well it wasn’t rust that caused that Del. So I certainly wouldn’t worry.

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    On One Del?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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