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  • Rushmere Question
  • andrewreay
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    In Milton Keynes for a short while this evening and fancied giving Rushmere a night ride.

    Anyone know if the car park is accessible after hours (>7pm)? Is there a gate that they lock?

    If so, anywhere to recommend parking nearby the XC trail?

    Happy to pay for parking on site (and the pass), but just need to be quick this evening (like an hour) so on site parking looks easiest.

    Local nighttime knowledge appreciated. Like if it’s a dogger’s car park some warning would be helpful 😉

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    In MK, that’s a serious risk. The rule of thumb is that, if there is pampas grass outside the house, beware swingers! That goes double if there is a caravan on the drive.

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    Hi @andrewreay

    for Rushmere the car park will be closed, but Rammamere Car Park will be open, from there you can ride down the road to enter Rushmere at the stockgrove entrance

    I will be doing a night ride tonight from 745-845 round woburn trails if you fancy

    a)It will be muddy

    b)It will be short because I have to pick my son up from scouts at 9pm

    edit (chances of dogging action 50/50)

    edit edit here’s a map of access to Rushmere from Rammamere car park I usually go down the private road/bridleway indicated to hit the red trail (dashed line)


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    @Kimbers Cheers! That’s a great offer. I’m doing a ‘climbing lesson’ pick up, so my window is 7:15 – 8.15pm (from MK Kingston).

    Have just realised I now won’t have time to get the bike ready in any event so will be trying again week after next.

    Thanks for the help!

    [edit] and thanks for the map!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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