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  • Weasel

    I have a few thin shell jackets but looking for something a bit warmer, there are numerous windblocker jackets out there but any recommendations?

    Premier Icon kennyp

    Montane Featherlight.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    Featherlight would count as a “thin shell jacket” surely…

    OP, do you want windproof and warm or waterproof and warm…? Road running close to home or out on the fells…?

    Montane and Inov8 are doing some quite nice windproof, non-membrane softshell type stuff that may be of interest – Montane Mountain Star and Trail Star; Inov8 Race Elite 275 Softshell…

    Personally, on the fells I tend to wear a merino blend Ron Hill Vizion long sleeve to keep warm and if there’s a bit of wind or rain then I add either a Featherlight windshirt or a Minimus waterproof as it’s a more versatile set up and avoids the boil in the bag feeling.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Assuming your shell is windproof, ‘warm’ is really about what you wear underneath it ime – and hat choice. I’d be looking at some sort of slightly warmer base or mid-layer if you’re getting cold out running, but it generally has to be well below freezing for me to need more than a winter-weight base layer top and a shell for running use. Depends on how hot you run though.

    Premier Icon stever

    What they said. I’d think more about what you’re wearing underneath and on your extremities. I use a Featherlite and Minimus for their shelliness, never thought about their thermal qualities.


    I use a Finisterre Anabatic shell. Not thick or insulated but, as others have said, layering below is the key. There’s a link elsewhere on this page to their 48 hour sale.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    I like my Endura Stealth for running when it’s cold, good pit-zips for temperature regulation.

    Not much layering required underneath, good for 5 degrees and lower.

    Cheers, Rich

    Premier Icon MSP

    Montane hyena (I seem to be recommending this a lot recently). I don’t find the featherlite(alikes) very breathable. The hyena is less clammy while still giving a bit of insulation, but not too much. I think the problem with the pertex jackets is they don’t wick, they are just too thin and tightly woven, they just create a barrier for sweat to form on.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    MSP – Member
    Montane hyena (I seem to be recommending this a lot recently). I don’t find the featherlite(alikes) very breathable. The hyena is less clammy while still giving a bit of insulation. I think the problem with the pertex jackets

    Forgot to mention, I’ve also got a Rab Scimitar, which is a non-membrane softshell, for cool and damp conditions on the hills as the Featherlite can get a bit clammy. Generally wear that with just a vest or short sleeve base underneath as it’s a little heavier than a pure shell so generates a little bit of warmth. A similar sort of jacket to MSP’s Hyena but with a (roll-away) hood…



    My Puma windstopper/merino vest combo is warm but clammy…I suspect a stinky Helly Hansen will help but is there a more breathable grade of windstopper etc out there?


    I’ve had a number of jackets over the years of all types of material.
    The best I have ever had is my current one made by Gore. Their stuff is superb but expensive!
    I prefer a breathable non waterproof jacket over even and Event/Gore tex one. They never breath enough to stop you getting soaking wet inside.

    Premier Icon huckleberryfatt

    I got one of these last winter (not at that price though)—it’s great in very cold weather

    Premier Icon davetrave

    Is yours a membrane or non-membrane windstopper…?

    Non-membrane softshells such as the Scimitar and Hyena rely on the density of the weave of, generally, a single layer of fabric for windproofness, therefore still allowing decent breatability. Membrane jackets such as the Gore Phantom, obviously, introduce a membrane in to the mix so you’ll have a face fabric and membrane, and possibly an inner fabric – high windproofness achieved but at the cost of loosing some breathability…



    Whether its fell or not, my thinking is-

    Montane Featherlight Windproof (Pertex FTW)with a thermal top, hat and gloves covers most conditions. I then carry a Montane Ultralite H20 (waterproof) in case the weather turns nasty. Also you can easily take it off and tie it round your waist if you get a bit warm.
    If its bad from the off I’ll wear an eVent jacket.
    If its really cold I pack a very light fleece top / thicck thermal in my bumbag, or if very cold swap and wear that from the off and carry a thin thermal as a spare.
    In the winter I never run without a bumbag as whether you’re on roads or not if the weather craps out you’ll need extra protection if you don’t want to get hypothermia.

    I don’t like to wear one thick layer as its harder to regulate your temperature when the weather changes, although this is less of an issue if you’re running for less than an hour.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Op what are you wearing now?

    i wear a montane singletrack. works for me and i use it on the bike too.

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