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  • I’m after a watch to record my running data with the view to upload it to strava.

    Any of you good people recommend any?

    This one seems to tick all the boxes.’s-110-w/hrm(rd)/gps-&-heart-rate-monitors/running-specialists/fcp-product/928


    If it does everything you want then there are no catches to buying a Garmin.
    Buy it!


    I’ve got a 210, can’t fault the watch at all. I’d buy another tomorrow if I lost it.

    The chest strap lasted about ten months, but the general advice there is to replace with a polar strap (about £12).



    +1 for the 210. Excellent bit of kit.

    One of the reasons I stayed away from the 110 is it doesn’t do live pace data for each km or mile: It will only give you an average pace over the whole of the run, but that may not be important to you.


    I’ve got a Forerunner 110, and I like it.
    Yes, it doesn’t tell you ‘instant’ pace, but it does give the average pace over the last lap. So if you set laps to 1km, it will be pretty good.
    Also it doesn’t have any ‘training’ features, eg it can’t do intervals. But I don’t care about that, I just want something to tell me time/distance/heart rate, and record for uploading to Garmin Connect/Strava etc.

    Also worth a look at the Forerunner 10 – this is smaller, lighter and cheaper, but doesn’t do heart rate. And it doesn’t record elevation data, if you care about that.


    I’ve got the 310 as it plays fairly well on the bike too. I found this guide invaluable when choosing which version


    I’ve got a 210, although I’ve recently upgraded… Couple of reasons for changing: the 210 is not fully waterproof, it’s fine in a shower / rain, but you can’t swim with it. I also wanted a watch with more than 8 hours battery life, I’m signed up for an ultramarathon in September and it’s going to take me longer than that…

    Good watch though, worked fine and was a definite help when training for a marathon this year.

    Premier Icon stever

    110 works well – GPS data is way better than my phone was. Niggles – you have to hook it up to the USB widget to suck up the data – some do it by magic just by being near the cradle. I occasionally do structured sessions that need 2 watches for interval countdowns. I look silly. Not run out of battery yet, which I did with my phone. They give 8h I think.


    I have a 210, it’s fab. Instant pace reading is a massive selling point for me, specially for running – definitely keeps you moving when you glance down and see your current pace.

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