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    any recommendations? i’ve been using endomondo on my phone on my phone, but i’d like a proper watch with pacing.


    I’d go for a Garmin Forerunner. Had a few over the years and I train every day. Eventually each gave up the ghost but given the amount of use anything would. Reliable, accurate and cheap.
    I splashed out on a Suunto Ambit a year or so ago. No better but much more expensive.


    I use a Garmin Foreunner 220 which is great if, like me, you just want something very simple and easy to use to track your runs or rides. Everything is doable in a couple of button-pushes.

    It shows pace/distance and elapsed time on the screen and will time intervals too with a little man showing on the screen either resting or running, depending on whether you’re on a pace or rest period.

    I think there’s plenty of far more fancy models out now though if you wanted more.

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    Forerunners are really popular and the one I had used to work flawlessly for a couple of years.


    Just bought a forerunner 910xt as I am training for a triathlon and its ace. But maybe an overkill if your just running.


    I’m in triathlon training too! I was looking at the 220 but it seems you can pick up the 310xt cheaper!


    I got a forerunner 10 (pretty much the cheapest most basic forerunner) for Xmas as I was fed up of carting my iphone along on runs.
    I have to say its excellent. Yes it’s pretty basic but that’s why I like it. I don’t care for HRM on a run … I just want to know time, distance, pace etc. £85 on wiggle . Nice orange colour too 🙂

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    I got a garmin fr060 with foot pod for £40 on ebay!

    Not GPS but at least it only needs a new battery annually or so I’m told and doesn’t need to sit on charge all the time.

    Works with Garmin Connect too and can link to a heart rate monitor too, if that’s your thing.


    2nd hand fr305. Do your bike and hrm too. £70 or so off ebay. Its been great


    I had a FR210, worked fine for running. Upgraded to a Suunto as I wanted a better battery and it’s fully waterproof, but for running there’s no real advantage.

    Another thumbs up for the Forerunner 910XT here, but yeah, it’s overkill…

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    I’ve had 2 forerunners and they were good but a little bulky so when the last one died I went for a Suunto Ambit which I find to be better but I don’t know what the new gar mins are like.


    Forerunner (405cx) here. If it broke I’d definitely replace it with another Garmin.

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